Improve Your Digestive Health in the New Year

"Happy Gut" author Dr. Vincent Pedre reveals how your digestive health could be the key to dropping pounds.
3:05 | 01/11/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Improve Your Digestive Health in the New Year
Now to party two of our reboot camp. Helping you get healthy this morning. And here to -- it's great book. He's the author of happy gut. Vincent -- say it for me again? Pedre. Nice to have you here doctor. Why is it so important to know about this? The gut is the seat of all health. If you heal your gut you can heal your body. Let look at this picture here. Imagine your gut is an internal garden. And this rock wall here is the gut lining itself. You see how all the Rox fit nicely together. That's a healthy rock lining. On the other side is your microbiome. The good guys. The good bacteria. Back here, imagine, this is the food that's getting digested and absorbed. You want to absorb the tiny nutrients. Imagine you've been on anti-buy Y yotics. Pesticides. You get a leaky gut. The rock wall gets broken up. Food pabls and articles and toxins can get through. You feel foggy. You just feel off. You have a 28-day program. I love the acronym. Care. What does "C" stand for? Cleanse. So first, we're talking out the inflammatory foods. We all know sugar is inflammatory. Wheat, dairy, corn, soy. We want to eat feed like dark, leafy greens. Berri berries. Avenue cad goe. Nuts, seeds. Grass-fete beef. Healthy oil. That will reduce the inflammation and make your gut healthy. What is the "A" for? Activate. If you needed to walk with a cane, you hurt the knee. The cane is assisting your knee. The same way digestive enzymes help your gut get healthier. You always see 1 billion units. Let's move to "R." Restore. Cultivating this with prebiotic foods. You cowl cheikh a cultured food, a coconut water kefir. Kimchee, cultured vegetables. And "E"? For enhance. Healing the gut lining. Aloe. Nutrients. This is how you create happy gut. 28 days and then reintroduce things. I found out that wheat, I didn't know, that that was an issue I had that I wasn't aware of. Take it out has made all the difference in the world. Hey, doctor, thank you very much.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"\"Happy Gut\" author Dr. Vincent Pedre reveals how your digestive health could be the key to dropping pounds.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36212862","title":"Improve Your Digestive Health in the New Year","url":"/GMA/video/improve-digestive-health-year-36212862"}