A Look Inside the Controversial Ebola Quarantine Tent

Nurse Kaci Hickox tested negative for the deadly virus after spending multiple days in questionable conditions.
5:01 | 10/27/14

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Transcript for A Look Inside the Controversial Ebola Quarantine Tent
The news of a 5-year-old boy transported by hazmat crews overnight I taken to the hospital where the doctor with ebola is. The nurse in mandatory quarantine in New Jersey who does not have ebola. She's saying her human rights are being violated. Kaci Hickox. Starting with linsey Davis at the hospital. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, George. We're learning more about that 5-year-old little boy in isolation. We're getting a look inside that controversy tent where nurse Kaci Hickox has spent the last three nights under quarantine even though she tested negative. The situation is a little bit out of control. Reporter: Overnight, Kaci's boyfriend telling us that the tent is unheated, with no shower, and only a box for a toilet. She does have a cell phone, which she used Sunday for this interview with CNN. I feel like my basic human rights have been violated. Reporter: She had been treating ebola patients in Sierra Leone. Officials say when she landed fray she had a fever, something she denied. Claiming she was worn out. Chris Christie, the New Jersey governor, continued to defend the decision. I'm sorry that she's uncomfortable. The fact is I have the people of New Jersey as my first and foremost responsibility to protect their public health. Reporter: Overnight, Christie and governor Cuomo said some people could self-quarantine at home. Something Hickox's boyfriend said she was planning to do. My nearest neighbor is 500 meters away. And there's no reason to run into anyone. Nothing was going to happen. Reporter: Her attorney, seen here talking to his client through a tent window, says he plans to file a federal lawsuit if she's not released soon. The medical people that we have talked to will be recommending that there's no reason medically to keep her quarantined. Reporter: According to doctors without borders, 0 health care workers are scheduled to return to the states from west Africa in the next four weeks. With Florida, Illinois, new Jersey, and New York enforcing mandatory quarantine orders, will the workers get the same treatment Hickox is enduring in the tent. Over the last several months, I reflect back on concerns and fears that I have had, it's interesting that I'm much more anxious about returning to the United States than I ever was about treating patients with ebola here. Reporter: When asked about the situation here in new Jersey, the governor of New York said it's his understanding that Hickox will again be tested for ebola. If those results cop back negative once again, she'll be released. She could be released later today. Dr. Richard Besser is here. This is such a hot topic. These restrictions. What this nurse is taking. Your take? I think it's unnecessary. I've been texting with Kaci. Hundreds of health care workers have gone and taken care of patients. None of them have given it to people here. I worry this will discourage people from going over there to work to knock out ebola. We need these people to do this work. You say that. People in New York City see the bowling alley where the doctor was, shut down. The meatball shop where he was, shut down. If there's no fear, why are these steps being taken? You can't say Dr. Spentser posed no risk and treat every place he's been to like it's ris xip the politicians say we're doing out out of an abundance of caution. You note fify hundreds of people on an airplane, you worry them. The CDC is now -- and constantly changing the guidelines. They're saying there will be daily monitoring of anyone coming back from west Africa. I think this is a middle ground. It will reassure people to know that every day they'll be in touch with someone from public health. If they have an elevated temperature they can be taken in and tested and evaluated. They can't spread it at that point. It will keep people safe. Hopefully, they'll sleep better. You can understand the public being concerned. You'll be on Twitter, Dr. Richard Besser, taking questions right now. All right. Let's take this to the white

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"Nurse Kaci Hickox tested negative for the deadly virus after spending multiple days in questionable conditions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26478903","title":"A Look Inside the Controversial Ebola Quarantine Tent","url":"/GMA/video/inside-controversial-ebola-quarantine-tent-26478903"}