Inventors Go Head-to-Head at 'Disney Innovation Day'

The creators of Twigtale, personalized parenting books and soon-to-be app, present to potential investors.
2:12 | 11/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inventors Go Head-to-Head at 'Disney Innovation Day'
You know stars are born at Disney innovation day where cutting edge companies come to show off their state of the art inventions. Ten startups go head to head, hoping their product will be picked up by investors. ABC's Becky Worley is the perfect one to tell us more. Reporter: Robotic toys, the monster to help your kids do chores, and the personal play book for parents. This is Disney invasion day. I'm bob iger. Reporter: Think "Shark tank" meets talent show with a technology twist. This is a ball that's controlled by a phone. That's sphiro, the robot ball controlled by your smartphone. Reporter: We're done here. Disney hand picked ten unique startups poised to go big. Brings in some of the best minds we could find. It was just so energizing. Reporter: Best friends are part of the team that run twig tale. Personalized books and soon an app designed to ease kids through tough transitions. The first day of school or becoming a big sister. It's a personalized parenting play book disguised as an engaging, effective children's book. Reporter: It grew from there. We can hover over a photo of daddy and be connected to a video message from him on a military base a thousand miles away. Reporter: What did you put on the line to be here? Well, our husbands not leaving us is the first. And fortunately we have the books created to do this. We have a separation anxiety book. Reporter: The stakes are high. Presenting to potential investors with the money to transform their business. Will they bite? If I had the chance four months ago, put money in all ten of them. Reporter: Giving them the chance to go big with a little touch of Disney magic. Becky Worley, ABC news, los Angeles. I wish I had that gene. Some people can do those things. I love that, a little Disney magic. Helps us out too now and then.

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"The creators of Twigtale, personalized parenting books and soon-to-be app, present to potential investors. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27080078","title":"Inventors Go Head-to-Head at 'Disney Innovation Day'","url":"/GMA/video/inventors-head-head-disney-innovation-day-27080078"}