Jay-Z and Solange Elevator Fight Spoofed on 'SNL'

Maya Rudolph made a special guest appearance in the parody video.
2:47 | 05/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jay-Z and Solange Elevator Fight Spoofed on 'SNL'
Now to the social square with the latest on jay Z and beyonce. Big weekend for them getting a lot of buzz on social media and Linzie Janis is in the social square with all of that. Good morning. A lot of buzz might be an understatement. They seem to be moving on from that incident that got so much attention. This weekend jay Z and beyonce releasing a promotional video for their upcoming on the run tour. Have a look at this. ? Crazy ? ? give it up give it up ? So it's one of the top trending videos on youtube overnight. The concept is a trailer for a blockbuster called "On the run" with Jake gyllenhaal and Sean Penn and plenty of steamy scene, as well. One of the best trailers for a movie that doesn't exist and this photo burning up social media on instagram. Beyonce posting this very heartwarming picture of herself with her sister in New Orleans over the weekend. More than 650,000 likes and counting this morning. They're changing the conversation hoping we all forget what happened in that elevator. Hmm. Yeah, but Saturday night live wasn't quite ready to move on. Yeah. They had some fun with jay Z and Solange patching things up. "Snl" posted a new version. Turns out it was about jay Z's fear of spiders. We got an exclusive sneak video. It has a completely different story. But -- Man what, a great party. I know. Yep. Oh, my god. There's a spider on you? What? Get it. You know I hate spiders. It keeps moving. Kick it. Oh, great job. I love you, Solange. I love you, too. Hey, thanks again for that help with the spider. Foot five. Let's go back to the party. Yeah. Oh, my god, that spider is back. I got arachnophobia. I love you. I love Yo too. Remember, I love jay Z and beyonce. I was like, uh-oh, uh-oh, no, no. If you think I condone this invasion of privacy then you must not know about me. You must not know about me. ? Maya Rudolph, oh, my god. She made a special appearance on "Snl." She's still got it.

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{"id":23774966,"title":"Jay-Z and Solange Elevator Fight Spoofed on 'SNL'","duration":"2:47","description":"Maya Rudolph made a special guest appearance in the parody video. ","url":"/GMA/video/jay-solange-elevator-fight-spoofed-snl-23774966","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}