Jim Parsons Plays Gay Activist During the AIDS Crisis in 'The Normal Heart'

"The Big Bang Theory" star talks about his new role in the HBO original movie.
3:56 | 05/14/14

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Transcript for Jim Parsons Plays Gay Activist During the AIDS Crisis in 'The Normal Heart'
Jim parsons has learned three emmys on the sitcom, "The big bang theory." Now, fans will see his more serious side in "The Normal heart." He plays gay activist tommy Boatwright, who is faced with difficult situations. Where were you? I was up at Bellevue. And put a sweet, dying child together with his momma. They hasn't seen each other for 15 years. He never told her he was gay. He didn't want to see her. He refused to see her for weeks. He was angry when I waltzed in with her. It was a real weeper. Momma holding her son. He's dead now. So powerful. And we're just thrilled to have Jim parsons with us. This is your "Gma" debut. Yes. Thank you for having me. Wonderful to be here. And a terrific film. Comes from a play that you're quite familiar with. Yes. Tony-nominated, 2011. "The Normal heart." And you're playing the same character. It was wonderful. It was interesting. The hardest part about that was hearing new actors Salines that you'd heard so many nights in a row. But the rest of it was pure pleasure because it was very interesting. It's very rare you would get to do a role on stage and then take it into a movie with it. And it's like this level of almost background homework I got to do that I would never have gotten to do otherwise. Did you change the way you approached the character? You know, it was about two years away from the close of the play that the movie starting shooting. I had enough distance that things weren't hanging over me, like overly resonating. And it felt easy to respond to the new people in a new way. And they were such wonderful actors that populate this film. It was a wonderful experience. It took a long time to get this film made. Nearly 30 years. And the perception of AIDS has changed so much during that time. Certainly. It isn't the death sentence it once was considered. Absolutely. Does the film still resonate in a way it would have that many years ago? I think it resonates differently. Certainly as passionately and as intensely. It's very interesting. In many ways, I think that this is the perfect time to be showing this. This is the perfect time for it to be making its movie debut. There's such a -- anyone in their 30s almost was not aware -- not really not aware, but not alive when this was going on. When the movie takes place. And it's a real education. And I think intellectually understand that something happened is one thing. To see it play out the way it does, with characters that personify this really brings it to the heart. And you -- I learned things that I didn't know before. And so did I, watching it. And what a juxtaposition between tommy Boatwright and Sheldon. Cannot talk to you before talking about the joy that is Sheldon. Thank you. Brings us so many smiles every week. I love to do it. There are some t-shirts, it's true. It was a very fun way to spend time, getting the chance in "The Normal heart," to play somebody so warm and embracing that understands social cues. It was a different set of muscles to work. But there's a lot of joy in playing somebody who is brilliantly clueless. You get to say a lot of things that a Normal person can't say. A lot of offensive things. And so well, I might add. Thank you. I love to say them. Both characters, so well done. Thank you. It's always good to see you. Please, come back. I would love to. We go back. Yeah, a little bit. Congratulations, everybody. "The Normal heart," airs on HBO, Sunday may 25th. Coming up,

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"\"The Big Bang Theory\" star talks about his new role in the HBO original movie.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23711908","title":"Jim Parsons Plays Gay Activist During the AIDS Crisis in 'The Normal Heart'","url":"/GMA/video/jim-parsons-plays-gay-activist-aids-crisis-normal-23711908"}