Jon 'Bones' Jones talks reclaiming UFC Light Heavyweight title

MMA fighter Jon Jones talks to "GMA" about his return to UFC fighting and how it felt to reclaim his title as the World Champion Light Heavyweight.
2:49 | 08/07/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jon 'Bones' Jones talks reclaiming UFC Light Heavyweight title
We're back with the newly crowned ufc light heavyweight champion Jon "Bones" Jones reclaiming his title after an exciting comeback defeating his opponent in the third round of their fight last week. How are you doing. I'm glad to be here. I saw the belt in the elevator. The champ must be close behind. Shining, nice and shiny for me. You had a rough few years. Yes. How does it feel to have your title back. It feels great. Definitely not been an easy journey but I'm grateful for the good that came out of it. I feel like my life gets to be a testimony for other people who are struggling, you know, and hopefully my life inspires other people just for them to know never to give up despite how hard things can get at times. You've had things, it's all very public so it's not as if there's something you can hide from. All very public so do you feel like you have your life back on track. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely, I do. Man, it's been a major journey to get back to this point definitely things got pretty dark for a minute there but I just stay faithful and remembering why I started this thing and that has just helped me get back to this point. I had a chance to watch the fight and all the things leading up to the fight and you and your opponent Daniel Cormier, you don't like each other. Very rarely do you see heated conversations that you two had before a fight but after the fight, you said the nicest things you could say about an opponent and what brought that on because you H an opportunity to add on to some of the prefight conversation. Right. You know, Daniel for the most part is a fierce competitor, a pretty good individual, stand-up athlete, stand-up champion and I know how important our fight was for him. It was a legacy fight for him and I just didn't want a win or a loss to determine his legacy. I wanted people to see him for the guy that he actually was outside of the ring. That's equally as important so thought I'd shed light on who he was and it was just. I think it says a lot about somebody how they act in defeat and how someone acts in victory. I enjoyed the way you acted in victory. THA you. Now that you are the light heavyweight champ, what's next? I saw after the fight you called out Brock Lessner and said come get your butt kicked by somebody who weighs a lot less. I was thinking an exhibition on you. I'm old and broke down. I don't want any of this. What is next for you? You know, I don't know. I think it may be a while before Brock is eligible to fight. I'm just waiting to hear from the ufc on different ideas outside of him. You know what, congratulations on your belt, man. Well deserved.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"MMA fighter Jon Jones talks to \"GMA\" about his return to UFC fighting and how it felt to reclaim his title as the World Champion Light Heavyweight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49071389","title":"Jon 'Bones' Jones talks reclaiming UFC Light Heavyweight title","url":"/GMA/video/jon-bones-jones-talks-reclaiming-ufc-light-heavyweight-49071389"}