Joy Behar Discusses Her Personal Experiences With Joan Rivers

Joy and Joan not only worked together on "The View," but were friends off camera as well.
3:05 | 09/05/14

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Transcript for Joy Behar Discusses Her Personal Experiences With Joan Rivers
Oh, with much more joining us now our good friend joy Behar who worked with Joan many times and when she was on "The view" and knew her off camera, as well. First, great to see you. Good to see you. I student, had her albums, Joan rivers' album, can we talk. What did she mean to you? Well, you know you have to know Joan abhored political correctness and thought it was killing comedy and was the an:30 cyst of comedy and what she means to women in general is we're taped to be nice and to be good little girls and don't speak your mind. She's the opposite and all of us women comedians are like that. We just say whatever. So we took a page from Joan. She was a great role model. Just go out there and say whatever and be funny. Don't worry if the men don't think you're sexy or don't like it. Too bad. Right. Right. That's an important thing for women to understand. It sent a subliminal message you didn't realize. She knew she was good. Talk about when you were on "Leno." I was on "Leno" one time of I do this joke with Leno. He said do you have any plastic surgery? And, you know, I said, well, I have a little botox but I'm not like Joan rivers. I'm not on a botox drip. She's had so much botox her clothes don't wrinkle that type of joke. Whoa, you better be careful. She's not going to get mad. That's the kind of stuff she would do and I said, and I love Joan. She's the funniest woman that ever lived. It's Joan. Listen, the funniest woman. You're the funniest person that ever lived in the whole world. She didn't care about the botox. What is this picture I remember that you posted one time when she -- I have it on Twitter. Do we have it right now? What -- What -- We call that bosom buddies. Well, you know, we were just fooling around, you know and two girls trying to get a laugh, I guess and we were lesbian lovers. Those two things always played into each other. You heard it here first. You did spend time with her off camera. Let us know what was she like. A lot of people think that comedians are funny constantly. We're not psychotic. We're just fun and funny. And also trying to ward off the grim reaper. That's the Bhan thing. And, you know, that's a whole other conversation. But, you know, she was Normal. She picked up a check. She had a conversation. She was a Normal person you would have enjoyed her company, I think. Not one of these people who has to be funny 24/7. Wasn't constantly on and very generous. Workaholic. She was still booked through the rest of the year. You saw that documentary. I said, Joan, what is it with this empty calendar -- oh, sure, sure, you have a husband. You have somebody to hang out with. She was right. It was like, you know, she's a single widow and she needed to do things with her life. Her lasting legacy will be. Her lasting legacy is to girls, speak your mind. Say what's on your mind. If you're funny, go for it. Well, she did that. She did. Good to see you joy. You too, hon. Hope all is going well with

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"Joy and Joan not only worked together on \"The View,\" but were friends off camera as well. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25259893","title":"Joy Behar Discusses Her Personal Experiences With Joan Rivers","url":"/GMA/video/joy-behar-discusses-personal-experiences-joan-rivers-25259893"}