Jury's Out: Should Parents Facebook 'Stalk' Their Kids?

ABC's Legal Analyst Dan Abrams tackles all the exciting topics trending now.
3:00 | 02/21/14

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Transcript for Jury's Out: Should Parents Facebook 'Stalk' Their Kids?
Time now for the jury's out with Dan Abrams back by popular demand. Good morning, guys. We have got a big one for you. First up, actress Julianne Moore admitted in an interview recently she regularly stalks her kids age 12 and 16 on Facebook, quote, it's a scary world out there. I'm all over it with my kids. So put aside the 12-year-old for a minute. 16-year-old. I know everyone is going to say, yes, we should be able to monitor our kids but isn't there some privacy? No. No. No. Nope, not with kids. Not with kids. Not until she goes to college. Not any -- Sorry. Under my roof, I have access to everything you have. Oh. And the quote from all parents, as long as you live under my roof -- as long as you live under my roof. How many types did I hear that? But you know what happen, right. They have the page that their parents see and then they've got their secret page. Oh, we'll get back to that. You have to find that too. All of that down. Yeah, exactly. All right. Absolutely. Alio -- sorry, marysol Valdez says "I'd rather be the mean mom invading my kids' privacy than risk them getting hurt". We're not friends, we're parents. Allieoh on Twitter says "If you think something is going on, it's okay to check. Never be too involved. Your kids will resent you." I'm with allieoh on this. Everybody is just trying to do the best -- I knew josh was the stalker parent. Dan, you're going to be -- I love how we're dragging you so reluctantly into parenthood. In two years we're doing all these topics. Our "Gma" -- Hand it over. Our "Gma" flash poll. Is it okay to stalk your teens, that was the question, "Stalk" your teens on social media. 68% said yes. 32% said no. There you go. Survey says. Next up, for many foodies taking a picture of your dish at a restaurant is part of the experience. Well now a group of top chefs are considering banning camera phones from their restaurants. This he say it can be distracting to other diners, particularly those who take pictures from different angles. How dare them? And as one said it takes away a little bit of my intellectual property. Someone who would copy me. If Tavis a sort of Greek, sort of French accent there, by the way, in case -- Very sort of. They have a point on the Ip rights. How could you copy from a picture. Take a picture, you can suss out the ingredients. Maybe, maybe not. The distraction. It's very dim and someone is flashing away at their food and they come -- I don't think it's a photo shoot. Doing like this. Look it, baby. Get the pan. Kelly on Facebook, it's okay for me to pay for the meal but not snap a pic to post on yelp. I'll discuss take my dimes on down to the next hot spot where I can snap away. Get our your severs, top chefs. Wendy, it is inappropriate behavior in an elegant restaurant distracts from those around you." Finally a study is compiled from match.com on who warricks and what doesn't for your dating profile. I love to surf. Good, I love karaoke, bad. Hardly surprising. Here's an interesting one, referring to cats, if you refer to cat, it's good. If you refer to my cat, it's not good. Wait. Why do cats -- why does having a cat have a bad rap? I don't know. Guys -- Unfortunately, as -- No, it was -- it's the cat lady. It's the cat lady. Tattoos, what do you think, good or bad? It depends on the gender. Yes, it does. Which one do you think it helps? Women. Nope, men more attractive with tattoos. Women less attractive can tattoos. What do they call that little thing. I don't know. It's called a something stamp. I thought cat lady was bad. Final point which is that women should refer to themselves as girls which is really sad because they said more women got attention if they refer to themselves as girls rather than women which is really pathetic. Hey, thanks, Dan. Good to see you guys. Final little note, just to check out on a -- Dan Abrams, we love you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Legal Analyst Dan Abrams tackles all the exciting topics trending now. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22614760","title":"Jury's Out: Should Parents Facebook 'Stalk' Their Kids?","url":"/GMA/video/jurys-parents-facebook-stalk-kids-22614760"}