Keeping Up with Kermit: His Take on Love, The Muppets and that Sexy Ham

Kermit the Frog appears on "Popcorn with Peter Travers" and opens up about life behind the cameras.
15:47 | 02/09/16

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Transcript for Keeping Up with Kermit: His Take on Love, The Muppets and that Sexy Ham
Yeah. I don't not Google didn't show. Did everything participant. To. Does not. Organizers say is that the Chinese sense touch and sends but the show and well she. Enough don't worry I'm gonna get of the gang and we're gonna stay right here as long as it takes to update the show are way cool. So cold in here. Mom Gloria step all too cold she gets lippold. And various parties he. It's no good evidence of relieved it's that is of disease. Welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is pop and in the pop culture and there's a new show called the Muppets. And it's allegedly about a show that stars missed picking. But that person in control. Of this show is Kermit the so currently yes. All honored as well you two utility tied it to be a person who's in control as I mean for our. You know but I think you will hardly any of us to be in control yet well I think you so much. So Kermit Esther having you here if you'd like one of the world's biggest movie stars. It's funny she sent economically quite small. If at all but you're being in terms of magnitude of so. And everybody let's all thank you and I detail I confess that very with a little unprofessional of me because here I am a critic. And I'm dealing with your new show which is called the Muppets -- that's right that's right we don't we don't usually pronounced the period but now we know it's there. So you're telling me I'm wrong to start with. Well I don't need to do that especially pitcher critic you know you know. I feel so our return to be nice to critics would do that affect so. Is this show about tell the people out there that haven't seen it yet even though it started in September and they should have caught it. Well actually it's about. About half an hour as a badge that's funny they're joke. Opt. Well it is sort of a documentary ever real lives you know. We we Muppets are shooting and other shows simultaneously call up late with his plea. Which is a late night talk show on sometime in the middle of the night in a couple of markets someplace. And ABC came along and said could we do a documentary of your real that your you know. While that was very nice view I mean I have to admit that I've never seen up late with me is that he now while non offended Tom. I'll tell you just because it's you Peter because we know each other. I am the executive producer of oh up lately Miss Piggy. And down it's been a tough sell. I think we're in the Dawson prairie market somewhere South Dakota. But that's about it. They're grateful fans there yeah I'm working on it may like pigs. When I watched you on the show it seems like you're the problem so that everybody else is making states. And you're the one has to fix the fictional you know I think that's a fair thing to say. My role sort of customarily with the Muppets is to be sort of the the center of the wheels so to speak. The idea of the storm. You know in all canister Grammy goes wrong and I try to keep it moving forward you know you know. I am I am a problems you've got a lot of my problems I have a lot of celebrity guests that are on the show we like big deal movie stars here comes. And you I've watched you you've had to deal in one episode with mean detaining. It was very talented actor wonderful but she can't signaling. Well you know I. That's the problem with shooting a documentary is the. Op people wouldn't have known it ended for the documentary but every they're just following me around all day along with cameras. I don't know what opposed to do. Lou which had solving problems so how'd you break it to a star that's on there who passed this thing you know musical number and can't single -- how well let me put it this way it I have been working with Miss Piggy for like almost forty years and down. I didn't gently breaking the news to her all those years about the things she can and cannot produce under experienced an easy. Then he's a piece of cake after that yet while I was gonna go there wasn't getting it right away but I'm going to Magee here's this you have had this long relationship with. True but you broke the to the view broke up and he would work to amendments that. It's not the easiest thing in the world. I used to think it wasn't easy being green but it's not easy being biggies X either. But it you know she's I think she's moved on. And I certainly moved when you have moved on and I think that's I mean Denise. Yeah yeah she's she's sweet I really liquor another hint that. Thinks you know. Thinking that I'm strangely part arrives just not enough for. While I Crocs to of course you know I know lots of them down. You know somethings are explainable I'll tell you one thing Peter it is not the weirdest thing you'll find on the Internet. There's stranger stuff start up the currently failing yes I don't know. I don't know if it's painful for you to go there as it is when I talk about you love but. You started back in 1950. Ha that's true that was right after my tail fell off. It way. Happen what always happens you see it's a frog thing and some people don't understand I don't get it quite a bit of turmoil in a young frogs life. When they tale next day shadowing the tale. There's AL and yet. We all saw when we watched them up there. Well that was about the time in their very first moved picture here when you're sitting out there you've got a how many siblings like 2000 bowl all 3465. Points and five. And can you name them often and I know I know. I think it's well there's through government alphabetical order but I but I have to keep checking the list. It with a Thanksgiving we get together takes a three lifting up our coats true crazy but. From that time review sitting on that Lily pad singing the rainbow connection here we've always looked at you as. An innocent as a fraud who look at the world and said it's always an adventure. Sure sure why I certainly feel that way I still do it again. Your star so people who are stars whether they're living in swamps or not you. It moved a lot of attention his pinky you have people waiting on you handed. Exactly you know I say to me I don't want this popcorn it looks like the it was what you said it does look like prop corn. I think that opera's been sitting there for quite awhile if because I think that golden color is probably varnish. You know. I'm yeah just nailed me you know these that's true. You don't want to hear I mean I didn't just like you're I don't really think of myself as a mixed aren't pretty some. I mean anybody who wearing any clothes you know. What what I'm networking site have you my cards right sort of my signature thing that's enough when I'm not work and I try to act as one you know. Any frogs there that ydstie coming up thinking I can be sitting in permits chair I remember the last movie I saw. You know there was constant. Oh yes yes he's like well let me let me pay back entity now Constantine is actually a relative of one. He's just an actor. An actor who likes to always talk in a Russian accent. Little weird isn't very well I think between that and that that that bullying as that's sort of comes from the adult -- and then you know. It. Well you know I doing with fighting we would ground used to practice show gone so good what do you do. Well we we've got a new place Rolf just opened a tavern. You see com right across the street from the studio where we shoot yeah. Move over a couple of drinks and hang out you know shoot the breeze what you drink it shall Scott. Yeah I I listen I'm tiny guy Elliott a couple of drops. See a lot of people are shopping this because the new Muppets is. You guys are all grown you know well you know we are already grown up. We were just that sort of see it's a funny thing everything about this is very strange mind later this in some way. I have spent like. Almost sixty years in show business and I am million of good thank you by the way. Our Kermit the Frog playing the role of Kermit the Frog. You see I always I generally always plea myself. And those that could cause like yours if there. What I'll I yes that's one of those truths I won't get into a letdown. Might have talked with their excellence. You know and again I don't wanna push you in that direction but you know if I wore a frog playing for a minute which is 1% get up in the morning today who wakes up first. You know well you know it year it's strange. The only thing that would be weirder Peter is if I was a fraud plain horse. That's that what it would just be such a larger. It will be much harder and get lecture. You know people on my back all day well that that happens actually but now. Any app so he will go with all of this success and I'm just wondering where you spend in this moment. It's a funny thing when you're a frog I don't have any pockets easy and so why it's hard to carry money around but. When I go back to this I mean the food just line is mine you know. I don't really have to go to restaurants are. There's supermarket I got a couple of flights and still stuck on the pop yeah I think Jones. I think those were able to get. Every actor and then showing him what I shouldn't just be saying you know actor and executive producer of that. Do a lot of things but just in terms of your performances. You know awaits started with the Muppet movie I have I've watched. That's because my son was growing I watched the great Muppet caper some law yes sold much but when you look back to you work. Some moment in one of those movies that you think reflects the best it you've done is that there is a serious question sure and I'm sure it'd take it that way. Well there there's a few you know we talked about remote connection first Muppet movie. That's certainly one of my favorite moments you know we we shot that back hole in the swamp. And Madonna Louise was there you know. It was wonderful and his nice to you always into traffic. What movies are the movies that you watch as a frog that that just you look at them and say you know this is decent work I want yeah office. Well you know I have to say I really like George Clooney. Really he's one of my favorites I ask you about you constantly and he yeah. We don't you know we don't doubt we don't you don't tell we're talking no no no we. We we see each other once while at Hollywood functions will be added to the wedding. No no I I didn't wanna you know presume that of course. I need to finance just an airplane the other day with Larry king and Tom selling really yes strange combo and where we all sitting. First we are at first it was Tom and then Larry and then I was behind him. And you know that everybody got on that plane nobody saw me it was great is just that by the time you get past Tom Selleck who cares. I gave Vick he's a tall guy. Well who's then your idol in this business now who you look I'm sure he's big he's watching yeah. You're gonna have to mention her and softly she's been she's watching you think. Well I think she's always watching him in mid Bisping he's watching it would probably have to say it was Miss Piggy. I'm hourly thing you know course if he's not out liar pants on fire in watching. You know. I don't know there's some things as an executive producing just have to do you know yet I light your star the show has to go along. Yep it has to do that one of those then the surprises a little bit without spoilers and giving the way too much. What's coming up in this sees it that starting now. That well going on you know puppets that you can just give a few of us why can tell you that would better for show back. Is going to have he and he'll really liar and funny guy. Someone at the networks and an eight branding guru and easy to try to Elvis rebrand our show. And I had to get advice from somebody evidently they have worked as this guy before. That there for show along. Because you so then. Did you Kermit relaxing Kermit is finished with all this publicity. Once these lights get turned off you know where you and Denise go. Wouldn't hang out well you know just brilliant fun night out ultimately you know. The plane a nice little cozy hole in the wall restaurant maybe some Thai food police movement is an Indian media you know. And just a nice quiet means. You know so after all these years current you're still just the simple frog with the dream. Well pretty much pretty much I like keeping it simple that's heartbreaking. And so sweet to me I recall I really loved that well ending and it's. We've had some stars on the show but no one know of human wrong and that that's very sweet. And Sony on the very sweet. I mean I didn't you could tear up. When you know I'm seeing you haven't really had this chance to see you in person why thank you for inviting you seem honest and finally be. And moving to tell blanketed. That's what I try to do. So we end this show all the time in song Tucker murdered I don't know what you feeling today. You know who you you famous for being green you're famous for rainbow connection. But she's saying a lot even numbers he's trying to steal yours. Themselves that's true to your hands kissing an right now. We're or do you ever sing at the infusion. I do have done. What icing with Eli there's. Oh man hole like dad about rainbow. Seizing an excellent and lots on the and then I would answer. Rainbows are visions but only illusions. And rainbows have nothing to need. I have heard it says and I choose to be the nice. But I don't think that was the next player out really let hop. Are you really criticize me on my hunch or maybe I'm this week is all it can't be the only question your show it's. I wouldn't this. Someday will find it sing Whitney there rainbow Cognex. Lovers. Three years and me. Bearing. Yeah blonde. Nine. Of these in the. Do we. Couldn't pump got the best. They've all been one of the greatest professional moments of my life one that they can I got Jack and I am I'm honored to be here. Any time of coming back I would don't even have to bring the panic. Although that's good that's good yeah yeah.

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{"duration":"15:47","description":"Kermit the Frog appears on \"Popcorn with Peter Travers\" and opens up about life behind the cameras.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36815120","title":"Keeping Up with Kermit: His Take on Love, The Muppets and that Sexy Ham","url":"/GMA/video/keeping-kermit-love-muppets-sexy-ham-36815120"}