Kevin Bacon: 'The Following' Takes Him to a 'Dark Place'

The prolific Hollywood actor jumps to TV from film, in the thrilling new drama.
7:27 | 03/29/13

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Transcript for Kevin Bacon: 'The Following' Takes Him to a 'Dark Place'
-- -- -- For starters. Why was -- -- -- media access. -- people were targeting women named Clay Matthews in the Richmond area and two and AMOCO. I just I don't understand when no one can find him. I mean how does the cult of killers stay hidden this law is followers have proven to be sophisticated. Their tactical skills cyber invasion there on a terrorist well. Plus some of them. Our -- built and now -- That man and -- -- and. -- -- -- -- -- Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's going on in the pop culture and you have just seen a scene from the following which is a big hit on fox. This television season in fact when the rare hits this television season. And I think one of the main reasons it is is the star of the following Kevin Bacon who luckily is right here today. Hey I don't so you just finished you just wrapped this. Just wrapped about two or three days ago and not to you know. Give any spoilers but we're out on Fire Island off everything now -- -- it was a strange night because. He had gotten really com. And really. But freakish warm he's often you know freezing our butts off and then I went back to the trailer they -- -- something -- I came back. And the wind just shifted to come -- and our our our last moments were. Absolutely. Absolutely -- just just so what happens to you when you finish this is a fifteen episode. Mark of a show and we'll finish it what are you did my daughters you can't believe what a good Moody's -- -- like a different person. You know it starts to kind of take -- -- you because rarely does this character ago to a nice place. In fact. -- sometimes in the flashbacks. Will be. In a better place there's a scene let's say were on discounted you know drinking. Wine and kissing Natalie disease -- kind of -- office and I think to crew looks Francis who is this guy that he had and we work with it was because I'm -- you know I'm doing -- normally don't normally I'm a very sort of you know elected to engage with people like to have fun and it's just it's it's tough it's tough to do that one. There's always somebody die and it is only something imperil or there's always -- -- I'm killing someone or whatever it is just a dark place. We'll tell the people those people that don't know who Ryan -- years this. Ex FBI guy that you plan. Police when -- when I first was talking to the creator Kevin Williamson. About characteristic you know who is he who is he who is -- we kind of went back and forth about a lot of different stuff. And he. Said to me this the man. Whose life has been surrounded by death. Then. When I heard that. That was. That was sort of like all I needed to be off to the racist because. From that. You're able to build a history. In a back story and all the rest is -- you have -- -- the essence of that thing you know that was called. Completely just -- very impromptu -- he just shared with me. You that's that was pretty much -- and these are working class guys that he. Was able to track down and and and Boston put in jail paid serial killer named -- Carroll. And in the course of doing so he got injured. Was stabbed -- near the heart and hours -- a pacemaker embedded in in this in this game and since since the trial and since having put him away. He's lost. Any kind of real focus in this life he drinks too much. He. You listen for when he wrote a book that he sort of was slightly changed. And they called -- And say -- guys escape from jail. Dynamics could you please come back pain and help us findings and strangely. Brings him back to life even though since horrific circumstances. -- really felt like. -- liked the heroic aspect of character because he is the -- you know what he's also deeply deeply flawed and makes mistakes and and often. Alienates people. And is you know. -- -- Lives but like an island you haven't done -- TV's -- before them so what was it about this one that did. I had to -- the media today about what it is and that is that. I love fact. You know we do you. 43 minutes in television in in -- nine days you know -- manager I was on for eight or nine months due to make it to -- -- So that was part of it. I also. Had been like watching a lot more television and when you see you know. What are now -- had these great kind of iconic you know characters like. Like you know the character and in breaking bad and you just get to see. Where over the course of seasons you know this this guy can go you know it's it's very exciting as an actor -- there Ameen. Well some of the best that's happening to part of that is that in movies the writers are not change. And the there are certain writers you you know are able to build a career where they have a certain amount of power if you're -- writer director way but oftentimes. You write something. And then the studio says well it's almost there we're gonna get somebody -- right into -- another writer and they regretted -- of the rhetoric and intending to shooting it. You know rarely is a writer hanging around on the set. You know he had the director and yet the actors and I myself from often guilty -- this is something is not working -- just change -- nominee is a problem that you know. There's nothing -- -- judges James alliance or make a mob or you know whatever six movies -- that's that that's -- So some great writers so I think just got to be certain amount of frustration about that. And and probably the same thing for them to -- if they don't get a chance to really keep rolling something out keep working on so they go to television. And that's what's and that's what's happened so when the raiders -- there. They are the ones that are running the show. And you start to find better -- better scripts. Some little. Photo. It's. -- -- -- And -- game. Her new home.

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{"id":18840621,"title":"Kevin Bacon: 'The Following' Takes Him to a 'Dark Place'","duration":"7:27","description":"The prolific Hollywood actor jumps to TV from film, in the thrilling new drama. ","url":"/GMA/video/kevin-bacon-interview-shooting-season-finale-show-dark-place-18840621","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}