Kevin Hart Offers Can't-Miss Love Tips

Sure, Valentine's Day has passed, but this advice will have you in the mood for love.
3:00 | 02/21/14

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Transcript for Kevin Hart Offers Can't-Miss Love Tips
This to another night of sexual perversity in Los Angeles city that we've not got to do that. Not so as not to worry no more in advance -- it won't -- cups of -- that struck. I don't know -- -- -- -- -- the -- supposed to be logical. And -- -- to continue not to cut -- to Witten who think of that. There ain't no magic in that -- my students -- -- particular drink. -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's just say to them. Things -- and gave me her feet. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and they're so much happening at the movies if Kevin Hart is in in fact. He's now the movie star of the world were all right yes yes I don't know who you are but you know Kevin -- Is genuinely the movie star of the world from ride along and now he has a new movie about last night. So he's just gonna keep rolling in money I'm afraid to introduce them for fear that his head has announced -- To this huge size but anyway -- Welcome ally UV and I think -- -- what does it feel like to be making all the money could be -- male Hollywood now I don't know what it feels like I'm. I'm just some kid in the candy store right now -- -- great introduction let's start that's happened that driver of that and that's another witness the movie star the world. You know me you know I'm focus right now come from god was taken -- -- -- opportunity -- I'm making the best you know home I love the work hard. And right now I'm announcing the benefits and artwork and -- results set the bar. How from ourselves those about achieving these goals and come up -- And I Wear them but this one about last night yet we have a poster of just happen to be there right behind you well -- Valentine's. He doesn't know what I don't know and your -- and two crew of the pictures. How does it take you out of the third. It was the thing I didn't want to be in the they want -- -- to Vietnamese have witnesses put into. Good movie though it is a really and then -- is with this movie it's found its yes so. Now it's not I'm and went right along didn't happen you wouldn't lie so you and ice cube are going after he's gonna see you're worthy yes -- that year. This is your chance on Valentine's and we. To do it I think three I want I want -- read from you with a piece of romantic advice OK those people that know. They're going to spend Valentine's Day the team -- Kevin -- now last night but what did you learn in your life forget this man. About -- to that world about relationships. Best he's revising duties is you know Valentine's. Day is -- day you know what people who typically do the same thing. You want to mix it up don't need to grow enough. That's right. Well without controversy no -- don't get enough that she's expecting something. -- -- what she says what you get that the civic whatever I don't think -- Newsday published caller celebrate today next week. And and -- she might leave you this Mickey. That was going to mix it up a little bit as it is ruffled feathers a little bit and household and as a Geneva. All are or you know -- -- as a divorced man yes yes I just want to write better than man yes there's no relationship -- at all that. -- -- -- Say what else you and you're not supposed to you don't pay opened up in all about a day -- -- expecting to go Dutch. If -- watching this go Dutch everything you do you say off the back. The big legal split is detrimental to -- reaction as a million trooper and -- -- what are you doing for Valentine's Day other than seeing -- -- night I was listening to those people most obvious about last night. -- net debt and that may. -- up until -- -- to -- something I'm actually pretty romantic and -- really he you know was sensitive equipment wasn't. But I am you know what she called -- catch. And what is the true romantic gesture to a man just may well -- private person so I'm enhancement come tomorrow some -- -- -- My kitchen two excellent teams -- -- -- -- romantic from. Its from a lady you know -- -- in -- -- You know -- number has not been known to do. -- been known to do number not like a fool of -- -- thing but just come out you know come out and and and and they don't do it on that you were already on hand it -- he did not need to lead up to -- supplied -- c'mon day. You have to be here I didn't hear it and there's nothing like that now in this particular fast. Well you know I actually played Chippendale when there is there yeah we're looking at -- wealthy Thais really yet. Actually it you stop. When this movie that she goes dvd. And he -- added 26 minutes seventeen seconds. Is a -- them so ladies. -- -- -- -- -- Ready and -- to time when you actually go to the -- the so when you were doing this the right along grosses hadn't yet come from. So were you -- -- commented -- set and say refinance. This Kavanagh has the good news about me. So so what I do is crucial to the sick and -- just in for a. Because I have problems -- teens ages and all. Always had. -- well. Suggested that judicial. Say together. Two her yes -- saying -- him for a and love with me directors -- -- get the dope and popping up who. And actually it's great. It doesn't sound like all directors don't like it but I get Steve pink was happy with the -- was very happy so when you look and they say. I'll take him what you want what is the theme in -- ballast 98 beat you wanna preserve that you want people to show a clip. The one that you few best what what they can show over the left feel best about is is when she slaps me. And and I go. Yet it showed that Utley Jimmy should we say it here yet could just that's the way can -- such a real reaction. -- -- -- them she. Of the real comeback at that was your first but experts note that but -- let me. What it can't let an outside got -- You often at a sheets let me for road that's voted to thinks is the -- One of them -- child advocate. Either -- ourselves missing -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At one point 617. People are now just -- -- -- just one called -- and given what -- -- they won't want -- But the difference -- out here. -- believe -- what you long women who have waited to see my. I'm guessing it's -- his bid is of a quest at a remote -- -- policy countless. Lives. Kevin to -- cannot rule language. About. -- -- my lord it can be naked at the and to -- -- golf -- to. They didn't want it Sharpton didn't want to X -- they want to keep that. You want good results in the box office at some point get to go. Gotta go from. When there's so much with them -- it started with romantic with them. Now it's got the business services deep -- What also the hardest working man in show business as well as the biggest movie star -- -- this is. People -- be -- -- personally. And think about ten. Kept in. Troopers Kevin is what you call me -- Okay reason being Kevin wants. -- wants it to one's success in -- understand the genetic get successful exit and AMP. Stand up and walk away. -- -- -- He's -- -- -- right now right now right now you hear from you know that that is the wall -- the point I'm making peace is a lot going on me a lot. I know you -- PP no problem you have done the first name name means the. If you cut costs by -- it is okay -- And the -- they does random picnic. BP PP PP but -- that it like it PP you can know of and that's -- political defeat for us. BP everything OK would be -- dangers of Michael do you think you -- -- the -- -- -- the standoff that. All of that -- I am yeah of -- and president of the but. -- -- and five -- the credit. That -- and. I think I'd like to control of the show. Great I love it the yet he's a resident views and they obviously let it all got these little ones they go great because not -- -- and -- -- -- we -- here it is -- -- -- comes -- its partner yet fun. That's allowed to bring -- people. Do you may PP have fun but no today was the -- -- The third of February 3 February PP -- that -- PP -- but it had talked about the movie we don't level personal life. Talked about that four -- and talked about me being a hard worker. We talked about me being -- woman -- basis we talked about you said -- that's bringing to establishment kkk. Would last until about you know we're still going. A chanting let's until muscle flaw we you covered become an estimate yeah it was pretty I like PP -- was that we just did that we got to bottom look at which year. Is I'm wondering -- -- was that time when the child the Kevin Hart. Puberty period I don't know even though Israel is still not -- to be yet. Well you that with my balls -- -- they say that's when you know. When that'll probably -- in one go from yeah yeah -- that had so. I'm a figure out -- hopefully. She -- because Google was global I don't have -- -- -- the that's brought. That's BP did so I figured -- whole thing out. And bush should be deeper. Certain days and -- that had been done before so we have forty. You know it all -- full circle it might be later but I do what you're doing well actually yes nobody on the -- OK so good about themselves -- article that you would give -- you. Was that to me OK was that mean to me OK -- -- to -- Something happening -- two kids. There though some -- taught me if that's the way it -- -- -- -- I don't know quite at look at where you can say -- -- -- We don't. This is what if it happened and what he had the blatant that did not a ball that -- result. -- -- -- -- When I hear a lot of that I love this heck no it doesn't have an open field they've -- what it about it not -- it up. At its early today and it hit the answer. Again well let's get it. Something that needed to -- him. RI. -- when you -- Not going through puberty yet and -- thirteen yes we you you know because now we all see everybody wants to see Kevin Hartman in that they don't -- to whom they love -- -- It always this way -- we view this like really moody. Options. Really -- child come and kick back. I mean -- didn't see how silly I am and I don't know that was always -- always we'll just go look personable guy. So I've never really been. That crazy -- yes and a little you know had a rough rough upbringing when did things you know my dad and -- -- -- drugs and. Within my life my mom was -- -- a woman's strong woman solo. I was raised correctly and and as a result of it. Actually people who will in the future -- always have always -- so. Being the funny personable guy has got me -- -- And has given me great relationships and I -- in return. I consider I have great. Great people -- Even though when you said McConnell -- -- he keeps stealing your. All right I'll read -- Brad. Eight my kids -- given that madness. And that's candidate that they think the -- on -- he does he put the it was a very. A low key to India and that's it's a different yet you and yours but they met -- -- network analyst Jerry Edmond of worship. He never worship the cold and if you think -- mind. He never wore a sort of -- Dinner breakfast. Lunch all the time Colin stealing -- what that shipment all ills never seen him -- now -- -- heard about it. And what that hasn't. You sure it's OK -- it will settle its. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- restaurant -- -- man it's. A neat indeed. Libya may be -- when he -- Two he beat you in the pipeline bag. At how things stand in -- And -- and get the football game though it -- it was this years ago it is like in the playoffs. He's and then again and if you. Again games of the house men but the gains came on the premium so vehemently gain movement gains we -- Likable he's like him and contained -- the entry in the backyard as an excuse me he -- Where did the -- and been pretty cool -- -- you know when it comes days and making us -- A -- and gave Cuba -- -- game as a -- he does come of it and -- -- -- what seems Kono. It really talkative. Elements he was going -- with the huge and I think it's have called me. But we can't do any of with a -- do like five minutes left. It was the game it. -- -- and you should -- over -- -- the doors open and everything was okay. -- -- But he surviving -- -- if you don't and aren't yet. I -- -- cut is not making anything close. And what it. Yeah connected to get -- -- so you just learned a lot from him and then he just relax and that's open so they show. Always and OK I don't know if he'll -- little -- drop or whatever you wanna do but it always ends in a little bit of this OK and so we won here. This little light of my. I'm going to live edition. This little line -- I'm going each. I don't know the words. Consultants on the same works -- a church song but it is I think go to church government so I know and of course that's -- mommy and since. Kevin case whatever caused the great what did you mention that HIV in the -- that -- me but it -- We're gonna -- somewhere. --

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