Lance Armstrong Shows His Emotional Side With Oprah Winfrey

Cyclist admits to taking performance-enhancing drugs, discusses his family life.
6:36 | 01/19/13

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Transcript for Lance Armstrong Shows His Emotional Side With Oprah Winfrey
We turn, now, tonight two of lance armstrong's public confession to years of cheating, doping and lying to the whole world about it. Armstrong began to break down when he talked about his family. Abc's neal karlinsky has been all over this story from the very beginning and joins us with more. Neal, in many ways, this seemed to be the more compelling of the two interviews. Reporter: It certainly was. Good morning, bianna. Over the course of two nights there was plenty of evidence that armstrong's ability to lie is still on display. But there was one moment when the person behind the attitude and the image broke through. Incredible. Unbelievable. Reporter: When you peel away all the lies, the cheating, the cover-ups and bullying, lance armstrong is also a father. And that's side of this complicated and deeply-flawed man revealed the betrayal to his family. When this all started, I saw my son defending me and saying, that's not true. What you're saying about my dad is not true. I told luke, I said -- I said, don't defend me anymore. Reporter: It was a painful glimpse into a man who apologized repeatedly for his big lie. And yet, somehow feels that his lifetime sporting ban is unfair. Never mind the fact that he ignored fair play at every turn. I deserve to be punished. I'm not sure that I deserve a death penalty. If you're asking me, do I want to compete again? And answer is, hell, yeah. I'm a competitor. It's what I've done my whole life. I love to train. I love to race. I love to tow the line. Reporter: Armstrong told oprah he's now in therapy and that he sees how, in his words, sick his actions sometimes were. T is heavy. And this is messy. And this is not something that i can sit with you and leave and go, okay. We're all good. Reporter: And it isn't just some old version of himself. That arrogant twitter photo, boasting of his tour wins, even after he had been stripped, was just two months ago. That was more defiance. More defiance. You know what's scary, i actually thought it was a good idea. Reporter: He acknowledged that his ex-wife, kristen, knew of his cheating. And encouraged not only to stop but to come clean. He never did, until he lost everything, and was backed into a corner. Will you rise again? I don't know. I do not know the outcome here. Reporter: So, what now? Well, we know he is sporadically in therapy, he says. He's in hawaii where he continues to train and play golf. There are reports this morning that a movie deal about his epic fall is now in theworks. Quite a story, dan and bianna. Apparently j.J. Abrams looking into making that movie. Thank you, neal karlinsky, who has been covering this story for years. With us, now, one of lance armstrong's former teammates and friends, tyler hamilton, who himself has admitted doping. He wrote a book about it, called "the secret race." Thank you for being here. You saw lance get emotional in that interview. Do you buy it? It's a first step. It's a first step. He's coming clean. He's telling the story that he has taken performance-enhancing drugs. Do you think it was genuine emotion that we saw? I think so. It's new for him. It's a new process. I went through the same process on a much smaller scale. You know, it's going to get easier for him. I think he's going to open up even much more. You know, I think we saw a lot of the truths. Maybe not the whole truth. Telling his son to stop defending him now. 13-year-old son. Was that real emotion? You've known him for so many years. As a parent, was he telling the truth? The one thing, and I think a lot of his exteammates said yesterday, for me and guys like frankie andreu, we've never seen lance -- I've never seen him shed a tear in my life, until last night. Shown very little emotion. Before I heard one word on thursday night from him, I could tell he was a broken man. Really, really interesting, that perspective you provide there. He specifically brought you up last night and said you were one of the many people he needs to apologize to. He has attacked you for writing the book. And he said you were greedy and just doing it for the money. Are you ready for that apology? Will you accept it? I don't need an apology from lance. I'm in a good place in my life. I moved forward. I'm no longer angry at lance. You know, I moved on from that. I'd rather he spend the time with his children or with betsy andreau, or emma o'reilly. These are the people he destroyed. They're still suffering today. I feel lucky and fortunate i moved on from this. It's a tragic story. I'm sorry that I was involved in all this. Yeah. It's not nice to see all this. And he's admitted to a lot of things these past two days. But one thing he's adamant about, he came back in 2009, a clean man. Do you buy that? Many people don't. I can't really be the judge of that. The jury's still out on that one. But again, the important thing is he's started this process. He's opened up. He said all seven tours, he took performance-enhancing drugs. The question is, where does he go from this? He needs to go and name names. He needs to come fully clean and tell travis and usada, where the bodies are buried. He said he should be allowed to compete again. Do you agree? I agree only if he comes 110% clean. Tell all of the names, from day one when he started doping, who provided it, all the way to the end. Tyler, thank you very much. Thank you. That must be some sense of closure for you. It's hard to see lance going through this. I don't like to see anybody suffer like that. A man with lance armstrong, up close and personal for many years. Tyler, thank you very your time. Great to see tyler move on

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{"duration":"6:36","description":"Cyclist admits to taking performance-enhancing drugs, discusses his family life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18257140","title":"Lance Armstrong Shows His Emotional Side With Oprah Winfrey","url":"/GMA/video/lance-armstrong-shows-emotional-side-oprah-winfrey-18257140"}