Lance Armstrong's Oprah Confession: The Consequences

Neal Karlinsky reports on the potentially severe consequences after the cyclists' doping admission.
2:31 | 01/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lance Armstrong's Oprah Confession: The Consequences
Jon karl, thanks. We're going to turn to the consequences that lance armstrong faces after the confession to doping in that no-holds-barred interview with oprah that airs tonight. His legal headaches could be about to get a lot worse. Abc's neal karlinsky is here in times square studio, for the very first time. Thank you. Very good to be here. First time here. But you've been covering lance for a long time. For a long time. What's amazing here, is even before a shred of this interview has aired, there's been a week of major news coverage about it. And none of it has been good for lance armstrong, which begs the question, what exactly does he expect to get out of this? Leading up to the most-anticipated interview in recent history, lance armstrong tells the associated press, i have no idea what the future holds, other than me holding my kids. Then, specifically, regarding his confession to oprah, that he did in fact used performance-enhancing drugs -- i left it all on the table with her. And when it airs, the people can decide. Many have already decided. I think we all owe cancer an apology. Reporter: Frankie andreu was once armstrong's friend and teammate. This morning, she's the first one speaking out. He's been lying to years. He's lied to presidents. He's lied to larry king andreu and his wife, betsy, saw their reputations attacked by armstrong, when they refused to lie under oath. I got ripped apart from the livestrong supporters. Reporter: Armstrong's sudden leap of faith is loaded with risks. He's outlasted a statute of limitations for criminal perjury charges for lying under oath. But at least three major civil suits are in the work. Meaning a small army of lawyers will be dissecting everything he says. Sources tell abc news that if armstrong's interview matches what he's told people close to him, you can expect a confession that includes the argument that everyone does it, and not just in cycling, but the nfl and elsewhere. We will see tonight and we'll see what people think. I don't know. That didn't work with my parents. And it doesn't work with my kids. And if he gets too specific, he could face more legal action. He is walking a very delicate tig tig tightrope here. His p.R. Nightmare continues. But he doesn't want to pay out more money than he is already likely going to owe. Neal karlinsky, great to have you here. Let's turn to josh elliott

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"Neal Karlinsky reports on the potentially severe consequences after the cyclists' doping admission.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18236872","title":"Lance Armstrong's Oprah Confession: The Consequences","url":"/GMA/video/lance-armstrongs-oprah-confession-consequences-mount-olympic-committee-18236872"}