Lawsuit claims female Uber passengers endure sexual assault and harassment by drivers

The lawsuit, which seeks class action status, was filed on Tuesday.
3:00 | 11/15/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lawsuit claims female Uber passengers endure sexual assault and harassment by drivers
And Amy has been tracking this lawsuit against Uber. That's right, robin. This morning there is new trouble for Uber. The company is now facing a class action lawsuit accusing drivers of sexual misconduct against thousands of female passengers after two women came forward sharing their stories. It's the ride sharing app marketed as a safe alternative way to get home. But this morning, one Florida woman says after a night of fun and drinking she and her friend got into an Uber and once they got to her apartment, things turned for the worse. He took me upstairs, he was dragging me at first. And then he threw me over his shoulder because I couldn't walk. Jane doe number one averaging us to distort her voice and not show her face. She is now one of two women filing a proposed class action lawsuit against Uber claiming they were sexually assaulted by their Uber drivers accusing the ride hailing app of leaving them vulnerable because of allegedly inadequate background checks and monitoring of its drivers. My life is a mess. I can't concentrate. I get anxiety. Reporter: According to the police report for Jane doe number one, the alleged subsidy, nimer abdala admitted to sexually assaulting her pepping in a criminal court in Miami and Jane doe number two speaking out about a ride she says she took earlier this year in los Angeles. She also asked us to alter her voice and not show her face. We started on our way home. Don't really know what happened during that time. I was like in and out of consciousness but I know that I was assaulted. I was in the backseat and woke up and he was in the backseat. I wasn't like really in my right mind for like two weeks and then I was just so afraid. Reporter: The proposed class action suit calling upon Uber to tighten their background checks on their drivers worldwide. Alleging since the company launched thousands of female passengers have endured unlawful conduct by their Uber drivers including rape, sexual assault, physical violence and gender-motivated harassment. We want the court to order that Uber disclose how many reports it has received and then what has Uber done in response to these complaints, have any drivers been fired or what actually happens and why should women feel safe to ride with Uber? Overnight a spokesperson told us they received this complaint today and are in the process of reviewing it. These allegations are important to us and we take them very seriously. And, robin, we looked at Uber's rider safety side and say they use a third party company for background checks on drivers going back for seven years. Uber says that's to identify offenses and other informations that could disqualify drivers, including driving violations and sex-related crimes and more needs to be done. So much more needs to be done. You're right about that. Over to ginger. Let's go ahead and do your

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The lawsuit, which seeks class action status, was filed on Tuesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51153663","title":"Lawsuit claims female Uber passengers endure sexual assault and harassment by drivers","url":"/GMA/video/lawsuit-claims-female-uber-passengers-endure-sexual-assault-51153663"}