Leah Remini Offered Support to Father of Scientology Leader

Ron Miscavige spoke to ABC News in an exclusive interview for '20/20' about his new book on his experience in Scientology.
3:17 | 04/28/16

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Transcript for Leah Remini Offered Support to Father of Scientology Leader
We begin with the new headline about scientology. Leah remini speaking out yet again going public once more but this time to defend another high-profile explosive defector, the father of the all powerful leader of the church and author of the new book "Ruthless." ABC's Dan Harris is here with the latest. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning. This is a huge story inscientology circles. David miscavige sits atop one of the most controversial churches on Earth and now his own dad has quit scientology and written a book about his time in the church. Scientologist is hitting back hard and now Leah remini is entering the fray. This morning, Leah remini -- You are unbelievable. Reporter: The former star of "The king of queens" going to bat for a fellow ex-scientologist. He has a right to tell his story. Reporter: Ron miscavige, the father of the powerful leader of the church, David miscavige. If you were a scientologist you are one of the relative few that hold the answers in your possession that all humankind depend upon. Reporter: David miscavige bears the title of chairman of the board or cob and he was the best man at the wedding of Tom cruise and Katie Holmes. So I say to you, C.O.B., we are lucky to have you and thank you very much. Reporter: When word hit that David miscavige's own father, the now 82-year-old Ron miscavige had left the church after decades of service, Leah remini says it spread like wildfire. I tracked him down. I called him and I offered my support because I know he must have felt alone. I just wanted him to know that we were willing to take them in That's a big offer. What made you feel motivated to do that. Because there is no place for them to go unless they have family, which is very rare outside of the church. Did you encourage him at all to go public with his story? Yes, I mean I immediately said that he should write a book because his story is important. Reporter: Now Ron miscavige has written a book and he's speaking about it in an exclusive interview that will air on ABC's "20/20" on Friday night. You have written a whole book about your son and you've called the book "Ruthless". Yes. It is a pretty damning charge to level against your child in he wasn't always that way. When he was a kid, I am telling you, he was a lovable kid. Reporter: A lovable kid who according to his dad has let the power of being at the helm of this wealthy celebrity filled church go to his head. Ron miscavige's book is laden with charges that scientology is calling outright lies and it was co-authored by another former scientologist now a well-known critic of the church. It is not a memoir. It's in my view a literary for forgery. Reporter: But now Leah remini is stepping forward to defend Ron miscavige. We're all going to speak up. You're not going to just bully people telling their stories. Tomorrow right here on "Gma" you'll hear much more from Ron miscavige himself about why he left the church and the war within his own family right now and then, of course, our full report tomorrow night on "20/20." Fascinating stuff. It sure is. Cannot wait for the rest. We move on to it new clues

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"Ron Miscavige spoke to ABC News in an exclusive interview for '20/20' about his new book on his experience in Scientology.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38730575","title":"Leah Remini Offered Support to Father of Scientology Leader ","url":"/GMA/video/leah-remini-offered-support-father-scientology-leader-38730575"}