Legoland Hotel Offers Escape for Kids of All Ages

Cameron Mathison gets an exclusive look at the next big thing for Legos.
3:48 | 03/31/13

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Transcript for Legoland Hotel Offers Escape for Kids of All Ages
The lego people made us a little insignia. Reporter: Every loves them. Now they have their own hotel. That's right. It's not just for kids. Abc's cameron mathison gives us an exclusive look inside. In the hands of legos, those legendary little blocks brought us legoland. Did I mention lego roller coasters. Now, legoland california is home to the ultimate lego dream house, the hotel, which opens APRIL 5th. To get an exclusive first look i brought my two lego man yaks to check it out. We're greeted by a dinosaur. That's just the tip of the legoburg. Oh, my gosh. Reporter: Inside a shrine to all legos. Oh, that's awesome! For lucas and laila, become one with the lego, it's anywh e's nirvana. My kids love lego. What are the three types of We have the kingdom and the pirate and the adventure. Which one do you want to see first? Welcome to the kingdom. Awesome! Come on, I want to check it out. We have mark who happens to be a master builder. You have my dream job. We put together our concepts for the hotels. We wanteto play in a huge lego castle. We built creatures built out of lego bricks. In every room, a treasure chest which kids use hidden clues to unlock. How many beatles are in the room? Inside, you guessed it more legos. The coolest part of the hotel, the park is right here. The back door opens right up to the park. How could we resist a run through this multicolor mecca. I got a surprise. I want you to meet julie. We're going to take a place very few people get to see. These are where the models get built? Yes. We're going to put your skills to the test a little bit and help one of our master builders here. Put these pieces on the end here. Nice work. You're too young to work here. But we can make you model citizens. For "good morning america," cameron matson, legoland, california. I don't know who had more fun, cameron our his kids. Oh, look at us. They made us into legos. A little pixelation. Would you get on a lego roller coaster? Sure. At this point I would do

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"Cameron Mathison gets an exclusive look at the next big thing for Legos.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18849113","title":"Legoland Hotel Offers Escape for Kids of All Ages","url":"/GMA/video/legoland-hotel-offers-escape-kids-ages-18849113"}