Middle school teacher says viral Super Bowl song 'pays tribute to Minnesota sound'

Franklin Middle School teacher Michael Bratsch and his sixth-grade class performed "Coats, Hats and Gloves," a song that was inspired by this year's Super Bowl.
7:21 | 01/30/18

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Transcript for Middle school teacher says viral Super Bowl song 'pays tribute to Minnesota sound'
audience here this morning. All right. They're excited -- you're excited to be here. Who is excited for the super bowl? It's just five days away. Who said go eagles back there? You're the one. You said it, right? He's shy now. Okay. Well, it is the eagles versus the patriots. And the game is in Minnesota, Minneapolis, and one of the concerns of game day is the weather and even though they're playing inside it's supposed to be 6 degrees. A high of 6 degrees, still cold. The windchill below zero so fans who aren't from Minnesota TRAV traveling interest out of town may not be prepared so a group of students made a video to remind them to to pack. ??? In Minnesota you need boot, hats and gloves, coat, hats and glove ??? ??? in Minnesota you need your coats, hats and gloves ??? That's it. Catchy. Those were some of the kids from Franklin middle school and their teacher is joining us from Minneapolis. Welcome. It is catchy and has over 200,000 views. You think you get this type of response, Mr. B., when you put this together for the fans traveling in from out of town? You know, I actually did. We never set limitations on anything we do and then also the hook is so catchy and then we also pay tribute to the Minneapolis sound so all three of those together equals success. You're in sixth grade, it is very catchy. Talk about writing the song and creating those lyrics. How did you go about doing it? Well, Mr. B. Wrote some of the lyrics and then he had the idea that we should write some lyrics because, you know, we wanted to get the message out that when you come to Minnesota, you need coat, hats and gloves. Yeah, you do. Mr. B., if you could share with us how this video, the making of it came together. I understand you had a little help from our friend, the weather. It's funny. So Hollywood pays millions of dollars to get the type of scene that we had set for us. So we set the video shoot on a Sunday and then on Thursday is when it was actually going to be. We had no idea there was going to be a storm. On Tuesday they started to say winter storm coming and we're like, this could be perfect and lo and behold on that Thursday, snow was falling and it was coal. Perfect. For coat, hats and gloves. Tell us how excited you are to have your hometown hosting the big game, the super bowl. I mean, I'm very excited for the super bowl to finally come to Minnesota when, you know, I'm here. Well, you know, they're excited to be there while you're there too, young lady and finally, can you guys send us off with a little song to say good-bye. We can't wait to hear this. We sure can. One, two, three. ??? Coat, hats and gloves. Coat, hats and gloves. When you're in Minnesota you need coat, hats and gloves. Coats, hats and gloves ??? ??? in Minnesota you need coats, hats and glove ??? That is going to be the new dance. We're going to sing that all day. That's like the whip and nae nae right there. Earlier we introduced you to our "Gma" NFL kid correspondent from this year's super bowl, well now she's in Minneapolis for all the excitement that's leading up to the big game and last night, she got to talk to the players at opening night. Take a look. ??? Hi, I'm manasa yerriboyina and I'm here for media night. Can I have your autograph. Do you have a lucky ritual you'll perform. A lucky ritual. No, just peanut butter and nutella sand whiffs. E-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. Yay. Tom, what is the biggest sacrifice you made for your team. My team gets a lot of my time and energy and probably more than anything else in my life. But that's kind of where it belongs and there's a lot of people counting on me so I always try to give my best. How do you plan on inspiring many more children to stay active like you are. I know it's harder these days because of iPads and iPhones are so fun to play with, even us dulls but we got to make sure we get out and play too. Oh, my god, oh, my god, oh, my god, I just talked to Tom Brady. And manasa is joining us live from Minneapolis. Good morning, manasa. You know, it looked like a great final. So exciting. You this is your first time to talk to the guys face-to-face. What is the thing you learned most about these guys? Well, when I talked to most of these players they calm and they weren't stressed out at all. They were so -- they were all really nice to me and when they talked they were passionate about what they were playing -- what I talked to Zach Ertz he said we should believe in ourself and always keep on going and work for our team and play with all our effort. So, manasa, the players were calm. How about you? Were you nervous? Oh, I was hyped. I was so excited. I wasn't nervous at all. I was really excited to meet Tom Brady and the biggest names in football and it was hard getting in and talking to Tom Brady but I got there and I got to speak with him. You got that interview for us. So you're from Minnesota. What do your friends think about all you're being I believe to do. They're excited for me and been supportive and great. They might be a little jealous but they've been great and I wouldn't be here without them. You told us that you're a packers fan but what does that mean you'll be rooting for on Sunday? Well, I'm going to root for the patriots because they're the team that I feel like are probably going to make it and I hope they win because I really like Tom Brady and I hope that the patriots win. Her new pal. Her new pal. Well, manasa, we're glad you're out there covering it. Who's for the patriots? Who thinks the patriots are going to win? Let's hear you. How about eagles? Wow! Everybody loves underdogs. Don't throw -- Michael has nothing to do with this. I am impartial. Not commenting. Manasa, thank you so much for that. We really appreciate you bringing that to us,down lady. I'm hoping -- I'm hoping for a great game. I'm with you. That delights all the fans of the sport of football.

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{"duration":"7:21","description":"Franklin Middle School teacher Michael Bratsch and his sixth-grade class performed \"Coats, Hats and Gloves,\" a song that was inspired by this year's Super Bowl.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52697029","title":"Middle school teacher says viral Super Bowl song 'pays tribute to Minnesota sound'","url":"/GMA/video/local-students-minnesota-song-viral-ahead-super-bowl-52697029"}