'Professor Marston' star: 'When I read the script, I couldn't believe it was true'

Evans appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about his role in the film "Professor Marston and the Wonder Women."
18:38 | 10/18/17

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Transcript for 'Professor Marston' star: 'When I read the script, I couldn't believe it was true'
A comic book built less perfect. Including check my idea is right into the thumping heart of America. Get real artist. She's an Amazon princes that lives on an island all went. Paradise island and the man crash lands on the and Steve Trevor the spine and she wears a girl scout sent let's athletic. And silver bracelets. They deflect bullets. And all have friends and help is on sorority gals who have spanking colonies and everybody fights Nazis and writes in an invisible plane. Yes. Hope perhaps bill can we love you to think so much. And nobody and I say this with all the compassion and truth and I can't nobody. And published days. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn we we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie now called for best remarks then. And the wonder when I bet you can't quite figure out. What that is which is why I have Dudley the enormous favor of inviting Luke Evans Starr. This movie to the show. You don't because its home. You that the tide me say one. Yeah I you below any wonder what is it about what is it really. And it becomes this. Incredibly. Fascinating king and strange. Weird twisted kind of thing that could really tracked Q. Love the challenge. Of that house. I mean it's a story that IE what when I read the script I I I I couldn't believe it was true. I sort of did my research myself to seeing how much of it wasn't. About 90% of it is actually what you see on live in the film is which is a massively good percentage for ha yeah yeah really and yeah yeah. I'm so yeah it's fascinating thing the guy. Was a Harvard professor of psychology when psychology was this new science at Harvard. And had no funding you know and he but he believed that it was the future it was. People would understand so much more about themselves and others in social situations through psychology so. He was a Villa he thought outside the box. Heels had an incredibly intelligent wife. Elizabeth Munson who they worked together on research and and discovered the the signs. That. Prove that you're lying which was the early. Lie detector test which he failed to patent and some deals made millions and millions of dollars but he made nothing from and so. Was that was his first achievement deficits achievement and they then both fell. Madly in love with the same person. One of your students one of researched it and the only basis in all of burns. And they proceeded to in the twenties abilities we have from a member. To live is a poly amorous relationship that's between the three of them any. He had children with both of them and they they lived a very conventional. Life. Sure in an unconventional scenario yeah yeah but they're like it was you know in general were not that it should've remarkable that mormons it might have been damaged made me about any idea about that this wasn't so in that they they he lost his job and they they they moved. Away from where they will based and via their children together and he then went on to creates. Wonder Woman which was. An inspiration from the women in his life. I'm day when you see the movie and you you've then reflect back to the comic all of the gaga go movie we had some you'll still see. Remnants of them not Marstons. Ideas and. Images and he's imagery all end and the income in the newest incarnation of of wonder what it was like there's so many things I mean. The Who last. Truth. And the lie detector go great I was as we've basically kind of domination. Essen am outfit that she's where yes is there yeah and he believed in this sense that you were freed by being down. Will he he created this theory. Which he wrote five books on it was called the disc theory disk arrested for dominance inducements submission and compliance. And he believed that these full cut degrees of the motion. Into played in every social situation. In life. So. Right now one of us is one of those that's what he would step you know and and that's how he he was fascinating is how that. Affected everything from sex to life to work to. Every single thing so. That's sort of why he was drawn into the media ask them you know dominatrix and a submission in. And bondage in all those things are very dock perverted way it was abrasive supple over the authority to make those people that the lists their children. Under five C Wonder Woman news. Yet AZ they shouldn't be within this well maybe not but I think it's anything I think that what he did was he believed that. At this time you know there was a big disparity between equality for men and women. There wasn't a lot of male feminists and in the world he was a vocal male feminists. And and he could have been anything else for the with a wife like Elizabeth most of it was such a strong forward thinking independent woman. Yes mark to test Rebecca hall and paranoid yeah yeah she really she's she's fiery and an independent and I'm wonderful actress and portrays Elizabeth so well but I think what he did was he he felt of this comic art that was comic book was a medium in which he could. Deliver his ideology to a huge audience and educate young boys and young young men. To grow up respecting. All power to women powerful women. And to not see that as an intimidation but that does as as a wonderful thing you know that women can be equal. If not surpassed men in their ability to rule to. Provides calmness and a loving environment whereas men are inherently a little bit Monica steak and violence of us is this of this is what he believed and through the two women in his life who he loved dearly and they loved him. Equally. He saw qualities in an action he so how these you know the they were just too much nicer. Says BC SI Annan asked the man so I'm I'm thinking then that that building code who plays olive and Rebecca Hall plays that you really slapped you ran good during they Baghdad that I mean yeah we did have a lot of fun learning how to do that that the rope tying. The role play a it was pretty funny it was a little tongue in cheek and you know there's a lot of giggling and laughing and a lot of that is in the in in in the film and we need. You know you often get these love scenes and exit and make them so perfect is in there's no laughing there's no quick moments. In our film there is you know it it's real it's three people discovering each other knowing what they're doing is to boo but knowing that this is any way to go in the field. Comparing the three and liberated and honest about their feelings one another. And so it's I think it's it's it's nice to see it is very unusual to see a polygamist relationship represented in in this way it would it would doesn't. It doesn't delve into some version so all. Desperation of one and one in jealous so the other one the three of them equal they love each other there was no problems the problems that they had with from the outside sources how they'll be able to. We've seen it yet now this guy he's I mean that's the framework of the movie that you're being interviewed by I don't know what her title was that Connie for Connie Britannia yet but she's basically saying you can't do this yet just comic book is obscene yes when people looking at it and not seeing any of that yet except the powerful weren't part. Yeah that's right and she was also very she she knew bids. What that night that he was living privately. It was common knowledge. And she was very aware that there was a lot of parallels between how Wonder Woman lived life. She had to live and the sky is to be in man's world so that she could be in love with Steve travelers and she couldn't be herself. It all is parallel to that it is. It sold that way. This is youth you know we didn't get into this but you're growing up so you're from Wales from that it was an accident did yup it. It after that you put on because no thought it would really work in addition. No I mean for a wild when I was in college I do you thought I'd have to get rid of and and then I saw an interview with Anthony Hopkins and his his actions was full full port Talbot. I thought OK well then there's no reason we whose blacks and and actually. As you that you and you realize you know your identity. Is massively to do is how you sound and how you present yourself and I told my acts and is. There's not many of restless people you know if in the grand scheme of you know nations of the planet we are very small one and so I'm as it was nice it's. It's quite loyalty we look to saying we love to. We have to talk. And so yes so life I've held on to blacks and and and you growing up in house I mean I read that your parents were Jehovah's Witnesses. Did did they take you with them when they knocked on doors. You need to justify it's a family affair you know yeah I mean I was not and goes from my I was knocking them dollars and up from being in the prime. In on the interest Rolla. And yet not those were my mom and dad in and dumped those alone as a teenage we've. You know that's that's what we did its and it was it was. A very nice community of people and my mom and dad still logical in this is in the very happy in the have a great. Community support from the people that they surround themselves with very good friends and the very happy that lies at quite seven content in the they the and a very materialistic. They appreciate the simple things in life of a grateful for the health and happiness and it's something I've always admired about them so yes it wasn't about to bring 20. To be a little bit of acting classes as well as well loved projection is not a problem for me it's. Sunny side door of my favorite is an excellent. Malkin. Is the very first thing he did as an act of conflict did you train. Yes I trained in in a college in London the London studios and in my final year. We did a showcase for agents and I got myself an agent the first audition that they put me helpful. Was to play the juvenile lead in a musical that was written by Dana Brooklyn who was Kobe broke his wife. Bob about please mom. And she'd written bush story about a woman called to render a young go who'd fall in love with the king of Spain. And a closed. He moorish invasion of Spain's it is this big focal story in in the southern Spain and it was quote let Kabbah. And my first of a professional engagement in London in the west and and yet was quite inches and because we owed his idea to auditioning. He on house which is where. The bond is as creatine and then they're office on park lane seduction Wilkins now building. As as an as a twenty year old you know not to was actually tell grew up with yes you know within anonymous unit. Sing a song a fund of you know didn't have the the bond people whose light is clinics to advise it wasn't a musical. James W yeah who knows. I'm items that's that I cannot really since he started a lot in musical theater but did yeah I would like. IE ice thought it would de La cob which was a musical no idea Dan miss Saigon. Died did rent avenue Q. Avenue accuse the pop yes sidelined doesn't give up the area. Which was on had always wanted to do. So that was a real trees to actually you know learn how to oh my mouth and you know and and loved it loved that you don't look at my god children do when they freak out when I do it because they just they they forget it's my hand in on all they can see it just both going on why. I'd like. It without me know has dropped and wisdom as a little different in that it is an ally not have them try to track. That's quite amazing. That's right they they could do the film version of that and you look at it we views there doing what I play. Are you critical of you win you're looking at yourself on screen do you what elect and a critic guardian. Hawks won our area if you could've been like guest on you know you had to basically just said. Fabulous. You know you've I didn't choke myself when I see your performance of I've done no. I'm but I'm very critical. It's not it's not. It's not a criticism that's it can now and inhibit me. But I'm very critical of what I do and how might phase of its policies to remember like for ten years. In the it's that you never get to see what you look like and all you hear is a response. So you're very aware of what's going on in your face who you know is that they had a laugh cry oak apple walk out in a so. That's what you have is as a reference when I started doing filmed. All of a sudden you know you can see play back and all of the sudden. He faces when I was. And no idea that you become massively Alec and I had to stop myself you know any of its size. I'm still under the table and news what's land. But it was that it was I was imagining it like zoo. This can't be happening today it six the very weird thing but. It was a new education and it was a new discipline and it was a tool that I was able to use and yes sometimes I'm happy with my I would sometimes I think I can do better and I things it was good to them because no one is in but sometimes I think. I mean I mean I impressed myself and then other times on my. When he happy with what have you seen the view that meet you at least that is an eye on I have to say you mentioned guy asked them to mean. It was I relished every second of play in that. He does Iraq asking that thought is such an if you. He led a lovable rogue who turns into an accident and won't stay you know. But. When people stop me is some woman some in a plane in the day and she's just out a thoughts how years in law the best cast song and sane. On society's fall on the field Manama Ireland he's a complete its yeah. In a well you know I was about I but he actually like it is so I liked it made people laugh and as much as my own a lot of my I would have been questioned heavy and serious and dramatic. I am I love making people so that was a that was enjoyed. It and I'm working with just guys who know you Adams showed last week was. A total dream because he. He we worked very well together we bounced off each of an awful lot in. So actually we're working. On something together now we would like to you would want to. Creates another. Something that we can do it together because we had such a good time to. It's like what there'd be a hold guests on in the flu and we venture we love you can go on those that Kennedy I think we have a weekly cooled to the studios this week to Disney just to remind them of that idea. It'll land when he. Bluntly are we our. In the we'll give you a spinoff because there's just that big song. Yeah and I believe your are just incredible in the especially good at dates back to their rating I mean what an incredible now did you have to train for that. Eleven all of them got a good Specter. I I I I. I just wonder what that audition with like they do this the Bill Condon director just say I'd have to have again. We know why I got his singing full full bill in and room which was. Very very small and I have a very big voice. Big Welch ten you know and and though what I'm gonna give him full barrels you know if you want to see it gust on I'm gonna belted out there. And of Mickey's head which is exactly what I did it and exit network. Look up. A game and it. Will that this is the first time in earn just don't know and it's great for you we import terrified that we always ended song. Oh do it yeah fantastic. So it could be anything. Did you some idea what we need thing for Bill Condon you were doing guest on right yep that's maybe there's something else it would into play when you're in rent. A big budget. Roger let's yeah yes that's a great big yes on so is something that I've sung in the county anything maybe something hugest thing in the shower. OK. All I that loses and this is a big so Allah. Shown on before me okay. Don't let this guy. Groaned not on me a although I search my house there's always one else asked. I just not own Brad man. Hey so long new three. Oh. Lowell. Doesn't moon man ripped me is flat does not go low and down. On. He. Wowed knowledge going to be. Food like. And it bit me.

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