Marc Forgione Cooks Up Famous Tomahawk Chop

Chef Marc Forgione, owner of American Cut, chats about his emotional win on "The Next Iron Chef."
3:26 | 08/20/13

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Transcript for Marc Forgione Cooks Up Famous Tomahawk Chop
we have a real treat this morning. Mark forgione, chef and owner of american cut, one of the most famous steak houses in the country. We're looking at his emotional win on "the iron chef." Look how young I look. He's here to make his tomahawk ribeye chop. This is the tomahawk chop. How -- a family of four? Seriously. I've seen one person take this down by themselves. One person ate that entire steak? I've seen a couple guys. And seen one woman do this. A woman did this? My hat's off to her. How do you prepare this? This is a big piece of meat. This is our signature cut at the new restaurant, american cut, which is opening in tribe tribeca. Your second one. We are going to be opening up in tribeca. We like to season the steak with big salt. Rock salt. It gives you a nice little crunch. You put it on both sides? You eat both sides, right? True. Always season both sides. Because it's thick, you put more of it on? You put more than you think. All the way in the middle, you don't have it. One of the tricks, you want to make sure the thing is hot. Olive oil in a pan. That's what you want to hear. Sizzling. Another kind of trick. When you're cooking meat, don't touch it. Don't play with it. Put it on the pan. Leave it go. You're trying to sear the outside, right? In about 15 minutes, you get that. Look at that. That looks great. He's wielding the meat. Okay. From here, you put it into a low oven. This is something a lot of home cooks don't know. Everybody pay attention. A little bit of butter. A little bit of garlic. A little bit of thyme. Now, you put the flavor on to the steak. Oh, my gosh. Wow. That smells amazing. This is one of the secrets at american cut, is this is what we call the mop. We finish every one of our steaks with it. Want a little mop? Oh. Yeah. Okay. You also have amazing sides here. Glazed carrots. This is a carrot glazed carrot. Carrot glazed with carrot juice, orange juice, sugar. And one of my favorite herbs that I don't just use in pastry, is mint. I love mint. Wow. It turns into this. A little bit of honey. A little bit of brown sugar. You can see it's almost like candy. Wow. It does taste like candy. This is what I want to try. The spinach. Sun spinach with bacon and egg. This is our creamed spinach. But there's no cream in it. We make a puree, a little garlic. And my second love in the world is bacon. We put a little bacon on top. This is so fantastic. It's amazing. And not very high in calorie, right? No, no. You're going to help that for me. You can get the recipes for the amazing food dishes at abcnews.Com on yahoo! Get thes redies. Goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo!

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{"id":20010455,"title":"Marc Forgione Cooks Up Famous Tomahawk Chop","duration":"3:26","description":"Chef Marc Forgione, owner of American Cut, chats about his emotional win on \"The Next Iron Chef.\"","url":"/GMA/video/marc-forgione-recipes-irone-chef-star-cooks-tomahawk-20010455","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}