Marcus Samuelsson Celebrates Harlem Culture

The celebrated chef visits Times Square to share recipes from "The Red Rooster Cookbook," his latest publication.
2:47 | 10/18/16

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Transcript for Marcus Samuelsson Celebrates Harlem Culture
this. Ginger here with us is Marcus samuelsson. Got a new book called "Red rooster" cookbook, the story of food and culture in Harlem. You've been part of it. Absolutely. Harlem is an amazing community and the book is filled with great recipes. As you can see Michael is already eating. What do we have? We'll make pork chop with peanut and bacon sauce. There wasn't even enough pork without adding bacon to it. What are the seeds. Mustard seeds. Garlic ginger, red wine vinegar, boom. Let that simmer. George, you're a good cook, I can tell you. I try. And I'll put the pork chop in here but I'll put jerk spice, a little bit jerk spice on it, all right? Okay, which is? Which is real jerk spice comes from Jamaica. The whole community of Harlem has a big Jamaican community. Yeah, man. Right, right, right. You see. This has a real tang to it. Absolutely. You have to cook with flavor, right? Absolutely. So, we got in the jerk you have a little bit of cinnamon, chili, all spice, maple syrup and thyme and now we'll cough, how is the pork chop. Excellent. Did robin get any? Robin is tearing it up. And then I tell you it's good. Great tasting. Really nice sweet greens and -- A kick to it. The kick is right here. The kick is in the spice. Can you pronounce that. Bayberry. Good. You went from Italian words, absolutely. You got a playlist that goes with every chapter. Yes, absolutely. Our restaurant wouldn't be the same without music so me one of my favorite migs of all time is Mr. James brown. All right. So pork chop is almost done. We'll flip it. Flip this one. ??? Living in America ??? I'll glaze it with some jerk. Put a little peanuts.

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{"id":42871063,"title":"Marcus Samuelsson Celebrates Harlem Culture","duration":"2:47","description":"The celebrated chef visits Times Square to share recipes from \"The Red Rooster Cookbook,\" his latest publication.","url":"/GMA/video/marcus-samuelsson-celebrates-harlem-culture-42871063","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}