Mario Batali Makes Dinner for Less Than $1.40 a Person

"The Chew" star shows you how to save money without sacrificing flavor or nutrition.
3:00 | 04/03/14

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Transcript for Mario Batali Makes Dinner for Less Than $1.40 a Person
Mario batali is here, ow friend from "The chew." Wanted it to be warmer. First time outside in the spring. The warmth come from the burners and from our hearts. There you go. I love that. This is really important today. Everything here can be cooked for $1.40 a serving. That is a significant number. Yes, it is because that's what the top end of the supplemental nutrition assistance program is which is the food program which is under fire a little bit right now but the bottom line is, you can make it on a $1.40 a portion and I can make you something delicious but it takes a lot of time and effort and at the end of the day it's not that you're allowed to have another cappuccino or slice of pizza. This is barely enough to get by. You can make it pretty good but the real message is go out and help your local food banks and donate your time. When the chips are down, Americans come through so this is the time when the chips are down and we got to look at it as an opportunity to really bond and put ourselves together. You're doing that with your annual gala. The can do. I've been involved for 12 years. I'm on the board and we'll probably raise a million dollar. Fantastic. Let's get to this chicken? We take chicken thighs inexpensive. When you're shopping on a very serious budget you have to carefully buy everything. We're taking brown sugar, black pepper, cumin, some salt and a little bit of oregano and we'll saute these chicken thighs which are the least expensive and in my opinion the most delicious. Look at this beautiful browning. We turn them over. Then that already looks pretty good but for less than a dollar, I'll take a can of tomato paste and cilantro and water and throw that in and kind of creates -- you guys like that. I love these people. We create a smothered chicken in a sauce that is so delicious the beauty of this, if you overcook it by a few minutes or have to let it rest waiting for someone to come home the thighs will not dry out. The thighs have so much favor. We take canned beans and I've sauteed them with some onions, I'll add canned black beans which are a great value. I'll throw in a little bit of water, a touch of chili flakes and bring them up to a boil. They're a good part of holding on to the protein. You cook them for about 15 minutes while this is going on, you boil up some regular long grain rice, rice and beans is an excellent combination of star much and carbohydrates that bring something together to make I delicious. We have the chicken cooked in the sauce, the sauce a little bit left over to make it magnificent. The sauce. Right on top like so. We take a little side with onions and cilantro, put it over the top. A squeeze of lemon, there you have a dinner for $1.40. That is fantastic. Get the recipe and learn more about the food bank from new York at our website, on Yahoo!

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"The Chew\" star shows you how to save money without sacrificing flavor or nutrition.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23173523","title":"Mario Batali Makes Dinner for Less Than $1.40 a Person","url":"/GMA/video/mario-batali-makes-dinner-140-person-23173523"}