Mars Heiress Blamed in Fatal Car Crash

Police say Jacqueline Mars' Porsche crossed the center line and slammed into a minivan.
2:20 | 10/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mars Heiress Blamed in Fatal Car Crash
Now to one of the richest women in america, caught up in a dangerous collision. Jacqueline badger mars, owner of the mars candy company, crashed her suv into a minivan in the uncoming lane, killing one passenger. The police investigation is ongoing. Reporter: If you don't know anything about jackie mars, you know her family's famous candy company. But today, on her 74th birthday, prosecutors could be deciding whether she'll face any charges. If you've ever enjoyed snickers. Skittles. Cooked up uncle ben's. Given your pet pedigree dog food, you've used a sample of this woman's empire. Jacqueline mars is the third richest woman in the u.S. Worth $23 billion. As co-owner of mars inc., She runs the world's largest candy manufacturer. The mars are probably the most private of the wealthiest families in the united states. Reporter: But now, the woman who lives a quiet life of anonymity in rural virginia, finds herself in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Friday afternoon, the 74-year-old mars was driving her 2004 porsche suv, along this virginia road, when police say the car crossed the center line and slammed into a minivan, carrying six women from texas. All for a wedding. 86-year-old irene, seen her attending her grandson's graduation, was sitting in the backseat and was killed instantly. She was not wearing her seat belt. The surviving women, including mars, were rushed to nearby hospitals. Overnight, a mars spokesperson told abc news, she's now recuperating at home. And, quote, this tragedy has left jacquie filled with sore roy for the loss of life and those who were injured in the accident. She would like to express her deepest condolences to the families involved. And prosecutors haven't said whether mars will face charges. The commonwealth attorney's office telling abc news, this is an ongoing investigation. As for the other women in that crash, only one is still in the hospital. And she's stable. Robin? George? All right, gio. Thank you very much.

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{"id":20528099,"title":"Mars Heiress Blamed in Fatal Car Crash","duration":"2:20","description":"Police say Jacqueline Mars' Porsche crossed the center line and slammed into a minivan.","url":"/GMA/video/mars-heiress-jacqueline-mars-blamed-fatal-car-crash-20528099","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}