Martin Scorsese to teach MasterClass on filmmaking

ABC News' Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
3:39 | 09/22/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Martin Scorsese to teach MasterClass on filmmaking
"Pop news" exclusive comes to us directly from one of the greatest directors ever, inning father, the one, the only martin scorsese. He called us to tell us that he is stepping out from behind the camera for a great reason, to teach a master class on moviemaking. Check it out. If you're intrigued by moviemaking as a career this isn't the class for you. If you need to make movies and feel like you can't rest until you've told this particular story that you're burping to tell, then I could be speaking to you. You're speaking to me, Marty. It is open to anyone. Interested in learning from the best, scorsese syllabus includes how to work with actors and the art of quick decision-making on a set. Professor scorsese joins an elite list who share their expertise. We told you about Steve martin in comedy. Aaron Sorkin did screenplays. Serena Williams, I may have taken this one, shared her secrets of a great tennis swing and the cost of having the director of "Raging bull" teach you his craft, $90 on A great experience. It starts early 2018. Future filmmaker can preenroll starts today. Great idea for this. So accessible. Nobody better. There's nobody better to learn from. To me it's a terrific investment and just learning. You go on their website you will see all these word experiences for $90. 50 bucks for "Pop news." I should do a master class. Oh, up next, the latest installment 73 questions featu featuring Tracee Ellis Ross opening the door to her gorgeous L.A. Home to the fashion magazine showing where she keeps her golden globe in the kitchen, of course and also introduces us, who knew, she has two alter egos. My name is madam ever and I'm a life coach and sometimes I drink way too much. And my name is -- This is when I went to new York fashion week. This is so fun. She is the daughter of the one, the only Diana Ross. Also shows examples of her personal style which she describes at eclectic and bold. Well said and -- If you follow her on social media no surprise at all. A blast. She loves her mom. She was talking about how -- I was saying, your mother, Diana Ross and she was like, I love my mother. So much pride about her. She's not like I'm my own person. I'm her daughter. Finally, an incredible dog named Frida being hailed a hero after rescuing 12 people and counting from the rubble in Mexico City after that 7.1 magnitude earthquake. The 7-year-old lab has been working with the Mexican safe's search and rescue team wearing protective eyewear and booty, he has to, amazing success stories. She's a veteran first responder in the canine unit credited with 52 other saves before this event bringing her total to 64 human lives she saved. It has made her a national treasure. The president of Mexico tweeting to make sure everybody knows about this incredible doll. Wow. I know. Frida is amazing and Fridays are amazing and that is "Pop news," everybody. Thank you, Lara.

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{"id":50023879,"title":"Martin Scorsese to teach MasterClass on filmmaking","duration":"3:39","description":"ABC News' Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","url":"/GMA/video/martin-scorsese-teach-master-class-filmmaking-50023879","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}