Michael Douglas Says He and Wife Catherine Zeta-Jones 'Are Fine'

People magazine's Larry Hackett has the latest details on the Hollywood couple's separation.
2:37 | 09/03/13

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Transcript for Michael Douglas Says He and Wife Catherine Zeta-Jones 'Are Fine'
A very young 64, is diana nyad. Absolutely. I'm sure she's going to be in "people" magazine. She captivated the world. The message here is, do not give up. Hopefully a message for many people is not to try to swim from cuba to key west. They will be very, very busy. It's terrific. People remember what happened last time when she was stung by the jellyfish. What a great story. You're a good friend of hers. Was there a thought that maybe her time had passed here? She thought about that a little bit. But what larry was saying was the jellyfish. She never thought it wasn't because of her that she wasn't making it. He never felt it was because she wasn't fit enough to do it. It's not about -- that's her extreme dream, swimming from cuba to key west. But I went on twitter. I said, what is your extreme dream? And it's blowing up with people thinking they, too, with do the seemingly unpossible. Great stuff. Can we talk about michael dougl douglas? Your cover couple, says the marriage is crumbling. But michael is saying, they're fine. He's saying their fine. He said they're taking a temporary split. I think michael just left a press conference at a german film festival, not the place to talk in detail about his marriage. But they're having difficulties. They haven't been seen for months together. And he's choosing to do it in private. He's only been -- I guess the word fine can be -- exactly. And the couple said they were taking some time apart. Within that taking time apart, i think there's real problems. But what it means is -- this is a couple that's always been very polite and supportive of each other. Why would we expect anything -- they're not going to tear each other apart or talk about each other in public. That's fantastic. Meanwhile, you have happy news to break here? Abc's own katie couric is getting engaged. And married. Dating john mulner. She is calling it her labor-love. And it's great news. For her. Very happy. He's a very nice guy. And she makes to point out -- your daughter got a college tour this morning. We're wishing you well, katie. That's great news. There's breaking news right now. We'll do more later. Larry, thank you, as always. Up next, students call them fat letters.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"People magazine's Larry Hackett has the latest details on the Hollywood couple's separation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20141725","title":"Michael Douglas Says He and Wife Catherine Zeta-Jones 'Are Fine'","url":"/GMA/video/michael-douglas-catherine-zeta-jones-separation-actor-wife-20141725"}