First Look at New Michael Jackson Documentary

Director Spike Lee shines a light on the King of Pop's journey into stardom.
6:40 | 01/20/16

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Transcript for First Look at New Michael Jackson Documentary
We're back now to music and moves. We've been waiting all morning to see this and spike lee came back with us and he's got an exclusive first look at his new documentary, Michael Jackson's journey from motown to "Off the wall" and we'll talk to him in a moment. Before that Chris Connelly has the details. ? This is thriller ? Reporter: Even before "Thriller." Those sensational dance skills. Those special songs and that spectacular voice. ? Power ? Reporter: It already made Michael Jackson pop's premiere entertainer. Now director spike lee is shining a spotlight on Michael's early 20s in his documentary "Michael Jackson's journey from motor wall." This 1981 performance from the Jackson's tour just one example of the never before seen stuff that spike's found. ? like Michael's impossibly soaring original demo of "Don't stop till you get enough" recorded at the Jackson family compound in Encino. ? Don't stop till you get enough not. Reporter: Bringing viewers back 3 1/2 decades with him first spreading his solo wings ready for superstardom as a male. I want it labeled music, not black or white. Reporter: This music rocking, soulful and sophisticated. Dance Noor dynamite that sold 30 million copies worldwide and influenced so many of today's biggest names from John legend to quest love. That's the first time we heard that iconic yell. That's his free at last, free at last. Reporter: Artists sharing how Michael's talents helped them find their own. I always use Michael as first and foremost as a vocal inspiration and "Off the wall" was definitely the one that made me feel like I could sing. I found my falsetto because of "Off the wall." "Don't stop till you get enough." Reporter: Michael's timeless music still brimming with youthful excitement of its time. Chris Connelly, ABC news, los Angeles. All right, we're here with the man who put that together, spike lee. Welcome back. My man, Strahan. Up and down the elevator. But this documentary shows, you know, Michael Jackson's transformation into a rock star. Journey. It's a journey so what drew you to this. We did one called "Bad 25" which was about the "Bad" album and god willing I get to do "Thriller." The trilogy, three albums that he did with the great, great quincy joneses but we wanted to show because many people, which I found like you just said "Off the wall" is your favorite. Yeah. Mine too but doing this, a lot of people, that's their favorite of the three "Off the wall" is the one. A lot of people think "Thriller" because it's the greatest album of all time but "Off the wall" was where Michael Jackson was able to showcase who he could be as an artist. We can't leave out quincy. Those two getting together on the set of "The wiz" that's where they met starring Diana Ross. You have footage from when Michael Jackson performed "Ben" back in 1973. That was talking about the oscars, nominated for best song, the song about the rat. But, you know, in this documentary there's no controversy. This is all about music. Now was that intentional on your part. That was very intentional. We just wanted to focus on what made Michael one of the greatest entertainers of all time, the greatest singers, writers, dancers, so it was just about the music. That was intentional. You were fortunate enough to go into the vault. You got all this footage we've never seen. To one as really seen outside of Michael Jackson himself and a few other people. What do you think will surprise us as viewers. I don't think it might not be surprised just reaffirm how great he was because you know people forget. Yeah. People forget and people have to be reminded who Michael was. Yeah, and but I got to say he's somebody carried from generation to generation. Yes. You have quest love, John legend, the weekend, a hard guy -- Doesn't say nothing about nobody. How did you get them involved and why did you pick particular artists to comment about Michael Jackson. We wanted to show the breadth and add pharrell and people who worked on the songs like interviewed Stevie. He wrote that one -- phi favorite song "I can't help it." Wanted to get a mixture of the people who worked -- the generations he influenced after that. Michael's parents are all throughout the documentary but only two of his siblings. And why is that? Come on, spike. Give me something. The giants better win some more games next year. Or you're going to the Knicks game instead of the oscars. No, I don't want -- you know, family issues but there's no need to go into that. But has Michael's -- has his children seen the documentary? We don't know if they saw the first one, "Bad 25" so we gave it to the parents and they have to share it with them. Their decision. They have to share. I hope they want to see it because it's testament to the greatness of their father. Absolutely. And, you know, we went back to "Ben" and that was at the oscars and you say you're not going to the oscars. My wife and I we're not going to the oscars? But it's not necessarily a boycott. Well, I'm not trying to lead a movement. I mean, I'm just -- you know, with last -- the other thing up here but the arc, every year there are 20 spots available for actors and at the last two years, the score is keeping the sports 40-0. What's the score -- the vikings you beat them by? 40-0. This is 40-0. I'm not nominated for anything at the oscars. You act, though, man. I've been watching you. Put me in a movie, spike. That's all you got to do. All right. Then we -- Is it all right with ABC, though? Is it all right, you guys. You say take him. You and I can have this conversation and you don't have to interview me when I'm at the desk. You're talking to George. How about that? Congrats. It is "Michael Jackson's journey from motown to off the wall" which I'm so happy you did. Premiering at sundance. Hopefully you'll get a chance to do "Thriller" as well. Premieres at sundance and February 5th. Part of the cd. There is a remastered cd in the DVD bundle on the "Off the wall" album due out February 26th. DVD and the remastered cd joint. You get it all of the one and only spike lee now outside to

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{"duration":"6:40","description":"Director Spike Lee shines a light on the King of Pop's journey into stardom.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36395379","title":"First Look at New Michael Jackson Documentary","url":"/GMA/video/michael-jackson-documentary-36395379"}