Monica Lewinsky on Her New Campaign Against Bullying

Lewinsky is taking on a subject that's deeply personal for her: bullying.
5:47 | 09/30/15

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Transcript for Monica Lewinsky on Her New Campaign Against Bullying
exclusive interview with Monica lewinsky. Opening up about the new chapter in her life. A new campaign against bullying. Her very public shaming back in 1998 giving her a special understanding of what online bullying is all about. That's something that can resonate with a lot of people. Reporter: This is the Monica lewinsky the world doesn't know, a woman committed to giving purpose to her past. By helping others take the power out of bullying it's a cause lewinsky has embraced calling herself patient zero, the first person to lose her digital reputation on a worldwide scale. Her affair with president bill Clinton, one of the first major scandals to break online in 1998 fueling a constant barrage of jokes, insults and cyberbullying. People referring to me as tramp, slut, whore. Imagine walking a mile in someone else's headline. Now nearly 20 years later lewinsky re-emerging speaking out all over the world asking us to click with compassion. Her newest job as a strategic adviser to bystander revolution working with student youth ambassadors to help victims of bullying. And I sat down with Monica lewinsky to discuss her new mission in life, the presidential race and what it's like being Monica lewinsky. Gracias. Kleenex. Someone needs one. Allergies directing U? Whenour sympms start... ..Octors rommend ting Claritin every day of your lergy son. Aritin pvides porful, non-drow, -hour reef for.. ...Few interruions frothe among things you do... .Every D. Live Claritin Clr. ? crisp garden vegetables... Now we've added even more of them. To Philadelphia® garden vegetable. Rich, creamy, and delicious. Vividly. Closed the door, turned the shower on and there was a knock and she said we have to leave the door open and that was an intersection of a point where I was healing but also to realize that there might be something -- a way I may be able to contribute and I also want to say too I want to be really clear that I'm not equating my own experiences with Tyler's. Why are you speaking now. You know, imagine you've gone through this horrific life-changing experience and you were traumatized and humiliated. And all of a sudden you realized one day that you could actually help other people because you had survived it. It would just be really hard to sit back and remain silent. What is the call to action here? October 1 bullying prevention month and we have -- will be rolling out a challenge every day in October so 31 challenges. It's all about forming habits of action. Our focus and our goal is that we're determined to get people to change the way they react when they see or encounter bullying. It's amazing the impact of kindness. Yes, and I can tell you from personal experience, that it makes a difference. It makes a difference if someone makes an unkind comment on social media and you have other people saying, hang in there or something positive, I think it takes the sting out. I was your age when this was all happening. We're the same age and I've often thought, what's it like to walk into a job interview? What's it like to go on a date? What's it like to order a pizza when your name is Monica lewinsky. Well, that I usually use another name for. I've had my challenges over the years with those kind of things. I think it is -- it's taken skill and a lot of help from incredible professionals to learn to manage not only my own trauma but I also think to manage other people's expectations. I think all of us want to feel proud of our name. When you hear the name Monica lewinsky, what do you think? I'm grateful. I really think that I'm grateful to have this opportunity and I'm -- even though I have suffered from shame, I am not ashamed of who I am. Does it get easier each day being out, back in the public eye again? You know, it's different. I think what's great is people used to come up to me and say, no offense but do you know who you look like? And now now I have people engaging with me about my bystander revolution work or the "Vanity fair" essay, the Ted talk so it's a different experience. You have said that not a day goes by where I am not reminded of this mistake. Hillary Clinton is once again running for president. How do you push through it and put it behind you with that constant news cycle? You know, I think it's really wonderful that we have two women from both parties running for higher office and I think however it may affect me personally is not something I want to talk about today but the campaign I'm really focused on, Amy, is this. Monica, there you sigh her take a page out of there was something very into the public spotlight.was a tragedy, a young boy, Tyler Clementi. Here was this young man betrayed by someone, put on display for the public and he ended his life. Something you thought about and your mother was afraid you would

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{"duration":"5:47","description":"Lewinsky is taking on a subject that's deeply personal for her: bullying.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34145446","title":"Monica Lewinsky on Her New Campaign Against Bullying","url":"/GMA/video/monica-lewinsky-bullying-victims-suffer-silence-34145446"}