Mother Hugs Daughter's Killer in Court

Ady DeJesus embraced 15-year-old Jordyn Howe who accidently shot and killed her daughter.
2:48 | 06/12/14

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Transcript for Mother Hugs Daughter's Killer in Court
We begin with the stunning act of forgiveness. A young man, who killed her daughter, and embracing him in court. Reena ninan has that story for us. Good morning. It really was an incredible sign of forgiveness. Even the presiding judge in the case says she was stunned by the simple and yet so powerful gesture when the victim's mother in the courtroom. Look at this rare moment of forgiveness. Captured on camera. A devastated mother reaching out, embracing her daughter's killer in court. Just before Thanksgiving of 2012, 15-year-old Jordan Howe brought his stepfather's gun on a school bus in Miami. He fired it once at the ground. And when nothing happened, he pointed the gun at his friend. But this time, when he pulled the trigger, the gunfired, killing Dejesus. She would have been here right now. She would have had the way to tell me, mom, forgive him. Reporter: On Tuesday, lordes' mother, Ady, speaking in court, still visibly shaken by the loss of her child. A painful experience parents should never -- Reporter: Howe, now 16 years old, confessed immediately to the crime. Pleading guilty to three charges, including manslaughter, with a deadly weapon. I apologize for her loss. Reporter: After meeting with the teenager and a judge, Ady, who was initially demanding a harsh punishment, came up with a plea deal. And the court agreed. Howe will spend one year in a juvenile detention center. And will tour Florida with Ady, talking about the dangers of guns. If he fails to follow through, he'll go back to court. I hope and pray that you do not squander this opportunity that you've been given. Reporter: One mother, turning a tragic moment into a teen teachable one. I forgave him because I found peace. Because I feel like my daughter, now, is in peace. It won't bring my daughter back. But I keep her name alive. Reporter: In an effort to save other children, Ady plans to fight for schools to begin weapons classes. Teaching students the dangers of bringing firearms to schools. Initially, he wanted a hard sentence. And then, in time -- Reporter: Changed. I remember doing a series on forgiveness. And when you do that, oh, my goodness. When you're holding on to it, you're hurting yourself, more so than the person you think. What a giant heart she has. To be able to do that. Reporter: The power of letting go. You see it right there.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Ady DeJesus embraced 15-year-old Jordyn Howe who accidently shot and killed her daughter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24102091","title":"Mother Hugs Daughter's Killer in Court","url":"/GMA/video/mother-hugs-daughters-killer-court-24102091"}