NJ Police Chief Says He's 'Very Proud' of Cops Who Stopped Bombing Suspect

Linden chief Jonathan Parham talks about his team's training prior to engaging with Ahmad Khan Rahami.
4:32 | 09/20/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NJ Police Chief Says He's 'Very Proud' of Cops Who Stopped Bombing Suspect
So she first I want to ask you about how your officers who were involved in the take down yesterday argue. The offseason doing very well visited every one of the hospital. Our little beat up understandably but they're doing that spears. I want to ask you. As chief. How you feel how are meeting went down yesterday and how your officers performed I am very proud of the offices it did an amazing job. Something that we continually train for however no matter how much tree you do. It really sure are you going to respond. These officers did test thank god they're alive Baghdad. Citizens got her Berger proud to be police officer amended as well. Thank god they had their bets on yes yes it's funny because. We often. Get so comfortable and just doing what we do that we don't think anything's ever happened to us. But it's part of commands responsibility to make sure that all those other things like wearing your best and make sure that if you have battered your flashlight. It would make sure we stay on top Verdasco because there there's such porch or is it is when do. It's our job through those replies care we had discussions. Believe it yesterday morning and it would Hillary had so. Now you mentioned training. Obviously that came into play here but can you ever fully prepare for what happened yesterday. I don't think so there's no possible way you know training is supposed to mimic ruling as much about the amount of stress that these officers or under. Time it takes into. Sort of situation and react to this week pre entry. What he knows. I tell you I'm really proud of the way the officers handled himself came together we had officers dispatched themselves home. We can't officers from agencies shall I am proud law enforcement hold. How when something happens you just to get its. Enemies and when you woke up yesterday morning Nina the manhunt I'm sure that you never imagined it would off. Come down to that building right back there. And nor editor officers don't know they did neither but I take it we have a freeze that we do about that. If you stay ready Ewing got to get ready he's up there. And that's. I like that phrase I like every. I know I know you can't get into the quick situation is this dragged out this took. Quite a few minutes to to neutralize the suspect and to put an end to this correct. Correct it started in one location where the officers just begin actually with a conversation with the individual. He began to engage them and they returned fire and and actually went down the street and is just a miracle that no innocent civilians were hit thank god but it took awhile to to capture the suspect. I'm in the seen after that as you can seized along. And the investigation continues here behind us correct. Than anything else I used to get this town quietly or I mean. When he did you hear it. Right that's that's yet as the only read about being vigilant right. It we heard we heard the call in and we we mentioned it yesterday that in police asked civilians to be vigilant and and that's part of what happened. Correct that we we received the call McCain going to too many details but I can tell you that the way that we were alerted to this individual was from a call from a citizen concerns that this. And that the out. Right now we're that we got from the other citizens in the area with videos and information was just unbelievable we ask that everywhere continue to keep that amount of vigilance up. Not just for this incident free others in the future. We are really trying to connect better into the community. And that we that we connect yesterday it was just amazing it's a great example of how the police in the community came together to solve crimes. We all popular in our phones shown lane. On Ed's face so he was widely known. Did you all go over that with your officers when they went out on a warning like here's the suspect here's what he looks like the night before. I was up late at night coordinating and receiving a number of text messages from officers we have an opposite sides of the joint terrorism task force. He began relaying information to me we have number command level officers that were up partly information. So we all knew what was going on we were concerned. But I concede that not an in the years that we ever expected to come toward us we knew that it was close but we did it here.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Linden chief Jonathan Parham talks about his team's training prior to engaging with Ahmad Khan Rahami.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42219384","title":"NJ Police Chief Says He's 'Very Proud' of Cops Who Stopped Bombing Suspect","url":"/GMA/video/nj-police-chief-proud-cops-stopped-bombing-suspect-42219384"}