Mr. Worldwide: 'I'm the Only Legal Pitbull in Miami'

Pitbull discusses "Global Warming" album, collaborating with rising musician Danny Mercer.
2:37 | 05/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mr. Worldwide: 'I'm the Only Legal Pitbull in Miami'
mr.305, pitbull in the house. Welcome, welcome, welcome, my friend. Thanks for having me. they are loving you. I want to give a little background. You are mr. Worldwide. So many people don't know this, we love the story behind your name pitbull. Will you share that with us? As far as pitbull, it comes from the simple fact it's a breed that doesn't know or understand what the word lose means. Fights to the death. And with that said I'm the only legal pitbull in miami since they are not. Remind me to come back as danny meyer, we saw him collaborating with you on your single. 21 years old, recent graduate of columbia university and a south florida boy like yourself. Yeah. We up here in beautiful new york city representing for you. Danny mercer, graduated from columbia, and it makes sense because he's from columbia. How did you two get together? We got together. He's a great song writer. And he put together the record. And I tried to give it to different people. I said man, this guy sounds better than everybody we've heard. Why don't we keep him on it. That's how it worked out. Danny mercer, way to go. that's a flame you will hear more and more. What a great break that you gave another art sglift he earned it, man. You work hard, you do good business, one way or another, it works out. One of the reasons we live you, you give back. Always. Tell us about slam, your school in miami. Slam is a school we are developing into sports leaders and management. It's developing a curriculum that keeps students engaged and entertained with things they love through sports. So it's an old school neighborhood of mine, little havana, look out for slam. I want to say thank you to the one who gave us the opportunity to build the school. Great. You know, you are one of the great collaborators, and boip, it's an all star list, j-lo, usher. Is it fun to get into another artist's music and vibe and see what you can do? I think with collaborations, it's all about learning and people giving you the opportunity. Jennifer, usher, enrique, all gave me an opportunity. I learn, absorb, I apply. But more than anything, i appreciate. To them I say thank you. There's nothing like the

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{"id":19296273,"title":"Mr. Worldwide: 'I'm the Only Legal Pitbull in Miami'","duration":"2:37","description":"Pitbull discusses \"Global Warming\" album, collaborating with rising musician Danny Mercer.","url":"/GMA/video/pitbull-good-morning-america-interview-2013-mr-worldwide-19296273","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}