Plastic Surgery Confession: I Hide Botox From My Husband

Some women reveal they hide their Botox injections from everyone, including their husbands.
3:49 | 08/11/14

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Transcript for Plastic Surgery Confession: I Hide Botox From My Husband
Next up on the heat index, cosmetic confession welcomes millions getting botox injections. Keeping it from their spouse. We have the story. Reporter: Each of these women has a secret. I love the way it makes me feel. Reporter: Some hiding it from their husbands for years. He doesn't noi I have it. Reporter: Sneing in botox treatments, hiding their identities. He would probably get mad and yell. He has this perception that you're going to look like Joan rivers. Not true. Reporter: They're among the millions of women, including celebrities, hoping the injections will turn back the hands of time. Getting rid of frown lines, wrinkles or giving their face a little lift. Three along this muscle. Reporter: Morgan kept her husband in the dark after treating a raises eyebrow. Did you feel guilty? I didn't feel guilty right away. I have never kept something from him before. So one month later, the 33-year-old blogger came clean. He expressed to me that he was not only disappointed that I had not told him and felt like our trust had been a little bit fractured. Reporter: They have the reasons, cost, risks or social stig stigma. I can understand why women feel the pressure to hide botox. There's only one thing worse that able, and that's actually looking like you care about your ageing. He would have tried to talk me out of it because he thinks I look beautiful the way I am? Reporter: Morgan says her husband feels the same way and isn't getting in her way. I would do it again. I would talk to my husband about it first. Reporter: But here she is the exception, not the rule. Others taking the secret to the grave. Always until I die. I will not is have wrinkles. Reporter: Brandi Hitt, ABC news, Los Angeles. And put the light on her. Kidding. And Dr. Callahan, great to have you. Keeping a secret from the husband. A lot of husbands don't even notice the difference, first of all? No, they don't, David. If you're not noticing then it's not that big of a deal. If it's plastic surgery, a permit change, frown lines, it's not necessarily a big deal like they're being deceptive. Do you think that the wife doesn't want to be judged? And there are social stigmas to trying to look younger or stay young. Absolutely. That's one of the biggest reasons people keep secrets. They're worried about being judged by their partner and friends. Does that say something about your relationship, you're afraid of being junled by your partner. Everybody keeps credits in relationships. It's not a big red flag. You don't share every detail. A little mystery in the relationship. Exactly. They don'tdetails. When do you cross the line? It's a bad idea when you have an agreement and you're breaking it. And you have an agreement to not spend more than $200 without telling them, the secret shoe fetish and buying things, breaking the rules. That's where you have crossed the line. But looking 20 again is not that big of a deal. There's such pressure to stay young and beautiful. Ladies have a lot of stress around that. Have you kept a secret from your spouse? Here's what you said, 68% said yes, 32%, no. That's what you said, doctor.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Some women reveal they hide their Botox injections from everyone, including their husbands.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24925438","title":"Plastic Surgery Confession: I Hide Botox From My Husband","url":"/GMA/video/plastic-surgery-confession-hide-botox-husband-24925438"}