Plastic Surgery for a Better 'Selfie'

Some use apps to improve their appearance on social media, but one woman took it a step farther.
6:17 | 06/23/14

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Transcript for Plastic Surgery for a Better 'Selfie'
-- lady is no stranger to going under the night. Typically takes partners. I like the sound of that. She's about having her second surgery is two years this time it's fat grafting that's going first place. -- This doctor will take fat from her butt and injected into her face. I think that we're gonna go around the giants and the temple's. Possibly a little bit in the hollows of my cheeks -- seemingly never ending quest to look better on line. And constantly and tagging myself -- -- -- says eight digital image is today's first impression to the world and you can't just gave up that picture. This social -- that all happens kind of so much focus on how -- luck and it just makes me really -- conscience the only difference between me and every other person that's getting plastic surgery -- that I'm not denying it. -- -- -- -- Plenty of Botox is breast implants I don't even remember what real groups feel like anymore I don't know anybody has real boobs -- And she always had a problem with her chin. She didn't like the way it looked during Skype chat won his -- about the project and on feast book behind -- Chen just bug the living daylights out of me in this photo she decided on a permanent fix -- chin implant. It sounds like you're going to have pretty far extreme to. Alienating it -- -- I don't people lengthy surgery that's that's a commitment. To -- plastic surgery should be a last ditch effort. After you've worked out after you've had good discipline in your diet and exercise. Her doctor also suggests a nose job. When you do -- him. Sometimes you have to do a little bit more than -- to balance the face in the -- February -- -- you get ready to go in and gang very excited. Starting to border on nervous. Time ready -- check out. Okay ready to -- a -- This is going to be her cheekbone. This is -- chin implant. Curves around beside a little river surrounded -- -- -- -- were appointed for her face cash. -- is two hours of surgery on her face. Democrat. It's. -- -- and -- and happy with everything from true smooth sailing here and I couldn't be happier. A month later. Paying for stealing an exit -- -- She thinks she is finally camera ready feed your kids from the quintessential profiles. Which before he never would have put matter but it because my little action would have been you know -- double -- -- isn't the only one obsessed with her virtual self and people are more self conscious than ever homing in on every tiny block. I see so many people bringing in. A picture of themselves Maceo norms of this party united for -- picture myself -- look like them. I have to bring somebody back to reality of what they really look like just as she get a beer one -- picture yourself in rental player sixers office you know -- -- since his insanity. It might sound crazy. But more and more people are doing exactly that 33% of surgeons have seen an increase in patients getting plastic surgery for the sole purpose of looking better on social media. There's a -- young people who were. Misinformed about what plastic surgery does. And wanted to jump into it and think that this this is an art form this -- -- -- performance are we to make certain people -- -- doing very subtle subtle things. It's in talks might have been subtle. But the reaction to Triana going under the knife to become picture perfect wasn't. 90% of the feedback that I have gotten has been positive us then there's bit angry 10%. And the angry 10% seems to think that I -- spent the money on therapy. That I initiative gotten more work done. I am not getting more procedures done for more attention I'm getting more procedures done because I want to maintain and prevent. Aging. Is yeah it's my biggest fear plastic surgery Saddam and end up looking like -- however saw last year -- glance in. It is. It doesn't stop me because I -- I trust my surgeon. -- is a familiar face -- her plastic surgeon's office. And -- family -- her doctors she -- -- discount and fat grafting it can cost up to 101000 dollars. Very exciting very. Citing plastic surgery is expensive if it's done well. Definitely not something that you want to bargain shop for. I am very blessed because I work really hard and what I spend on surgery is my business -- I got talent and. After a short consultation including computer renderings -- surgery begins. And -- in her eyes to rehear the procedure is intent. Triana is no doubt with general anesthesia. And syringes used to suck out the fat. Which is then spun in a centrifuge to concentrate it injecting it into her face requires precision. There is no room for error. This is very precise. Part of conservative bishops we -- we -- -- -- -- subject her body to all of this takes two hours. But for Triana it's worth it -- getting all the space -- means looking -- on FaceBook. For Nightline I'm Cecilia Vega in Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"6:17","description":"Some use apps to improve their appearance on social media, but one woman took it a step farther.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24261316","title":"Plastic Surgery for a Better 'Selfie'","url":"/GMA/video/plastic-surgery-selfie-24261316"}