We tried out 2 popular baking kits: SoBakeable and FoodStirs

"GMA" tried out two popular options available as baking kits become a growing trend.
3:00 | 02/14/18

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Transcript for We tried out 2 popular baking kits: SoBakeable and FoodStirs
It is Valentine's day and what better way to say I love you than with homemade treats. The latest food trend bake kits and Deborah Roberts is here. You got this unlucky assignment. Oh, yeah, yeah. So hard, happy Valentine's day. You too. By the way, with the language of love often including food, people have often said you show your love by cooking for the one you love. But cooking is one thing and baking a whole other thing. Many of us just never felt confident whipping up a romantic dessert at least until now. We've all been dazzled by those scrum house creations on those cooking shows like account top chef" but who can really do it in their own kitchen? Many find it too intimidating including Dana grant who loves to cook. Are you an accomplished baker. I am not a good baker and tend to burn cookies. Reporter: She is not alone which is why baking kits are becoming a new trend and come with nearly all the ingredients to make things like cookie, cupcakes, even rainbow pancakes. You supply the perishable, egg, milling and butter and order online and have kits delivered right no your door. Where this did come from? We're all looking for ways to simplify our lives. Drive-throughs, one-stop stores and these are sort of in that same vain. You can subscribe to have new kits sent to you every couple months, the price $15 and up depending on how many you buy. But do these kits really deliver? We decided to check out two of them. One called so bakable and the other foodstirs. Roll it in your hands. Reporter: Dana wants to up her dessert game for her family and offered to try so bakable's chocolate thumbprint cookies. It's a little more high end. Reporter: 40 minutes later they look picture perfect but, of course, the proof is in the taste. Many I a good cook? That you are. Reporter: The other baking kit, foodstirs likely to be a big hit by kids was co-founded by Sara Michelle Geller. We started baking to the and having these fun moments. Reporter: The company says it uses organic nongenetically modified ingredients sourced from small farms. We recruited another family to give this one a whirl. Laura burster and her three daughters wanted to try the ra rainbow cake popkit. It all arrives and open it and the family can start having fun right away. The girls were into it with mom also in the mix. It was a fun activity that was edible at the end of the day. Reporter: The end result? With baking kits you really want to find your niche. There's something for everyone. Reporter: Of course, there's nothing like a little sugar to tighten that family bond but families say that's part of the fun when you're all in the kitchen baking. I brought in -- Stunt eater. To help me out here. We have Joanna Saltz, the editorial director of delish.com. You did a taste taste on three types of Vanessa cupcakes including some from the bake kits, so bakable and foodstirs, this is homemade but what we didn't do we didn't add extra toppings so we wanted to get a true taste test. What did you think. Level playing field everything even they were all delicious and I'm not trying to play nonfavorites but -- Check it owl. You have to do the hard work. So bakable, differentable, a tiny dry but could have been overbaked. Food of stirs, a little denser, more like a pound cake. Really good. Yeah. I mean I know. And the homemade ones a little crumbly, light but almost more like a cornbread. My favorite sobakeabole. If you do it homemaid this is cheaper. This will cost more but this comes with all the bells and whistles and sprinkles and vegan kind of dishes. It's for convenient and quicker, easier and can come right to your house. Here we go. Which one did you say the best. I think the sobakeable. I'm a huge cupcake fan a we've been trying to figure out what the secret is. We thought we did a little work and it's cornstarch. Adding a little bit of that to your flour helps break down the proteins and makes a light tender cake. The secret. Hey, they're all good.

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{"id":53064612,"title":"We tried out 2 popular baking kits: SoBakeable and FoodStirs","duration":"3:00","description":"\"GMA\" tried out two popular options available as baking kits become a growing trend.","url":"/GMA/video/popular-baking-kits-sobakeable-foodstirs-53064612","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}