'Property Brothers' star Drew Scott announces he will compete on 'DWTS'

Scott, the first celebrity to be officially announced for season 25, appears live on "GMA" with his partner, pro dancer Emma Slater.
4:56 | 08/30/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Property Brothers' star Drew Scott announces he will compete on 'DWTS'
exciting "Dancing with the stars" season 25 celebrity reveal. It's time. Very exciting. Last week revery vealed the pros. Now it's time to reveal the first star gearing up for the ballroom. Do the honors. So before I tell you, guys, couple of hints, he is a twin. And he's known for flipping, fixing houses with his brother. Don't say it. I'm about to reveal it. Drop that ball. Hello! "Property brothers" joining us live from Los Angeles with his new dancing partner winner of season 24 by the way, Emma slater. Hi, Emma. Hi. How are you guys? So happy to see you and drew, congratulations. Thank you very much. We did a little digging when we heard the news and we found on Facebook this video which I would like to show evebody. Okay. Uh-oh. With that video -- with that video preparation for this moment? You know, that was actually this morning. That was me getting ready for "Good morning America." I think he's ready. You're there with the reigning champ Emma from last year. You're ready to go again. Can you tell if she's a taskmaster yet. We've done two rehearsals and -- I'm an athletic guy and like taking on a challenge but I've never danced before and she is the best. She won last season, so I want to make it my duty to get her a second mirror ball. All right. Okay. All right. Do you believe that move. I love it. They've already got their moves down. Do you feel any extra pressure as reigning champ. You know what, I totally feel the pressure but I like that, you know. It's the first time I won last season which was incredible. And I've got another good partner so I can't believe my luck right now. You're going to do it. I mean you're going to do it. We are, right? I've been watching "Dancing with the stars" forever. Everybody supports everyone. It's not pushing everyone down to win but raise them up and do better like Jonathan and me with all our companies. The best part. Everybody is on the same team like wanting to see and celebrate each other and I've got great partner. So stoked about this. He's going to help me renovate my house. I teach her. She teaches me. Exactly. I need something in return. And, drew, we usually see you with a different partner your brother Jonathan redoing homes on "Property brothers" but what does he think about all this. You know, I definitely upgraded my partner. At least in the looks department and Jonathan is so excited. I mean, you know, Jonathan would be here to do it as well if he -- he hurt his shoulder and says instead of beating me on "Dancing with the stars" he decided to let me have this. But, no, he -- We have the next best thing, he has a message for you. Let's listen. Okay. Hey, good luck, drew on "Dancing with the stars." Just remember I am the brother with rhythm so if you need somebody who is going to show you some of the moves. Never mind. Back to work. So good. He's very smooth. As you can see he's the smooth brother. Now, I've been on that dance floor behind you. Do you think it needs a fresh coat. This is just me asking for your expertise. You know, I haven't spent a lot of time there yet but I'm thinking I could probably fix a few things up, you know. Change the floor plan, reconfigure. Ballroom. You'll be my property sister from another -- Now that rehearsals have started what do you think will be the biggest challenge for drew. I pretty much know his height is going to be the most challenging thing. He has these long arm, long legs and about a foot difference between the two of us so I have to wear my shoes every rehearsal otherwise the hair whips him in the face. Every time she does her fancy turns the tip of her hair goes right in my eyeball. When I turn he always goes -- That face is not one I want America to see. Drew, you have a black belt in karate. Are you going to use any of those moves. You know what, we've been finding that the coordination and the movement from my karate is actually helping me on the dance floor so, definitely. It's really handy like I've never had anybody with that kind of experience before but he knows where to put his body and I'm like, wow, that's similar to ballroom -- I won't be doing roundhouse kicks or chuck Norris moves. Maybe. You'll be a lot of fun on the dance floor. Thanks for joining us. Thank you. Good luck, drew. Good luck, Emma. All right. So tune in next Wednesday for "Gma's" exclusive "Dancing with the stars" full cast reveal, more to come there.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"Scott, the first celebrity to be officially announced for season 25, appears live on \"GMA\" with his partner, pro dancer Emma Slater. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49504861","title":"'Property Brothers' star Drew Scott announces he will compete on 'DWTS'","url":"/GMA/video/property-brothers-star-drew-scott-announces-compete-dwts-49504861"}