Casey Anthony Lifetime Movie Preview

Actor Rob Lowe on making the TV movie "Prosecuting Casey Anthony."
3:00 | 01/10/13

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Transcript for Casey Anthony Lifetime Movie Preview
Where their friend Rob Lowe we have so much felonies part of team Robin back in October would GMA great to have you got so bad so much -- you guys just couldn't get to weigh in on the vibrating for. Yeah hey listen we talk about vibrating find the man to talk. About it you know what -- thing I think do it for the I think we do I think that's enough for morning television that's a good show on new lifetime -- prosecuting KP Casey Anthony you're starring in it. Playing the prosecutor Jeff national want to show a little bit right. Of the UN action -- it. Chloroform. Crime. -- gasoline carpet. And not found in -- five your local drugstore had already asked the sheriff's department to run a keyword search and Anthony's computer scene Casey bought on line. -- -- -- -- -- -- Aren't -- you look. It -- first. It doesn't matter she's been too much by accident. My money. She deliberately killed Caylee. Put her body in the trunk. And then drove around until she could find a place to dump its if you go and party puts -- -- And there's Rob -- right there and I think in that one sentence right there you probably. Said what a lot of people around the country believe when they were watching. That trial yet she's acquitted I think that there was a poll done that. 97%. Of Floridians. Thought she was guilty meanwhile the only people that -- but the people of the jury. They saw it differently and I was just fascinated with how how could the country get it. So differently than the jury did and how does that. Happen and what does it do to the man who fought for. Justice for little Caylee and after going through the experience of filming the movie talking to Jeff -- in what's your theory. The question here what is there's a couple of impersonal it's the first big trial in the era of Twitter. And social media. And public opinion has been around before electricity. But now live with social media it -- is so quickly that I think it's it's easier -- misread. Than than than ever before so I think there's a little bit of overreach a little bit of overconfidence. I think when you try to get a jury that doesn't have an opinion. And yet they have all of the information. What does that tell you -- the not paying attention. Where they've heard all the information. And still don't have an opinion so what do you do if your prosecutor. You keep pressing the case what -- Jeff what -- -- what was it like working. When -- fashion I guess and also how does he feel. Now as he's got a little bit more distance. Well he's -- -- he's elected state attorney got to Florida he's now replaced his boss. Who incidentally is the person who charge Casey with first degree murder murder which may have been. Beyond reach and overreach. I think but when you see the movie they're so many twists and turns in the trial that either you didn't know. -- you forgot about that are just. Jaw dropped. That this actually. Went on I read just the other day that she says Casey Anthony says that she's got a little bit of fear that this movie is going to. Bring Baghdad threats -- other threats against her I think that should be concerned. What is nothing in the movie that isn't true. So you know I'm a big believer in personal responsibility. So -- her life she lived that -- -- have to deal with whatever comes if -- her would you come out and say something in his try to little quiet my. If I were her I would crawl into a hole somewhere and -- entered -- guess that sums up your view of how do you. Let's move -- because you're also -- playing coming up soon. -- -- she's plastic. -- -- -- -- All I can -- you Georgia's when you finally I can't reveal it here I'm gonna come next time good when you see what I look like in behind the candelabra. With Michael Douglas is Liberace. And Matt Damon as his rent boy lover. It may be the end of my career. -- -- are skyrocketing. I didn't -- elemental level yeah have been so much fun to work with both of them. What Steven Soderbergh directed -- who's one of my all time favorite directors. We had -- we laughed. Every day. We all looked completely like -- in some kind of freak shows a real period piece -- -- it all takes visiting in 1979. And so on gives a lot of spandex. And yeah. That's -- -- -- baby oil -- group. That's how is that very tease everyone -- baby oil from Mara hello thanks a lot for coming back always great to having here.

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{"id":18179648,"title":"Casey Anthony Lifetime Movie Preview","duration":"3:00","description":"Actor Rob Lowe on making the TV movie \"Prosecuting Casey Anthony.\"","url":"/GMA/video/prosecuting-casey-anthony-lifetime-movie-preview-18179648","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}