How to protect kids in sports from the flu

Experts reveal how fast germs spread and share tips to keep kids safe while playing team sports.
3:03 | 02/02/18

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Transcript for How to protect kids in sports from the flu
We are back with concerns about the flu and your children. We have seen how fast it can spread at school. Now we're seeivg what happens when they're playing sports. ABC's Nick watt led a demonstration on the court. Hey there, Nick. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Listen any parent will tell you kids, school, sports practice is the trifecta of germs. Flu is normally spread by air droplets but can also be spread by touch. How do you keep them as safe as. Rule number one, flu can spread on germy hands. So -- Maybe during flu season we don't do so much hand slapping. Reporter: We got these kids Fogt for a little demonstration. I'm go to cover axle in glo-germ. It mimics the potential spread of a virus. Now, go play. Less than five minutes later that glo-germ glows under a flashlight. Can you see that? If he had the flu, you might have it too. Every single kid on the team. Oh, Chris. Oh, for heaven's sake, Chris. All of them. Germy fingers. Not just fingers. All over his cheek. Rule number two, don't touch your face. If you touch your face we transfer that respiratory virus into our body. Reporter: We most often breathe it in. If that kid is sick there is a six-foot super infection zone passing it around coughing, sneezing, breathing. Especially when you're running, your heart rate is up breathing fast is more exchange going on. Reporter: Rule number three, coaches, parent, don't let sick kids play. There is a culture in sports that we push ourself, be the one to tell them it's okay not to play today. Reporter: There's more. The flu virus will live on he hard surface for about 24 hours. Reporter: We have a germ meter that picks up harmless dirt but bacteria, viruses. The practice bench. Any reading over 100 is considered potentially germ ridden. 1,173. It's impossible to sterilize those every single day so we need to practice good habits. Reporter: Anonymous kids' water bottle. 1,830. Rule number four. Reporter: Cleaning the water bottle every day. Not sharing it and whenever possible not touching the water bottle to our lips. Reporter: How about that game ball? 2,890. Rule number five, the golden rule. Guys, are you all going to wash your hands after practice? All: Yes. Reporter: Yes. And that is any school usa, that is not a dirty school. That is an average school. Soap and water are your friend, not necessarily anti-bacterial soap. Some say regular soap is better. Kids can be contagious longer than adults. So if your kid has been sick, keep them out of practice for at least 24 hours after their fever has subsided.

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{"id":52789031,"title":"How to protect kids in sports from the flu","duration":"3:03","description":"Experts reveal how fast germs spread and share tips to keep kids safe while playing team sports.","url":"/GMA/video/protect-kids-sports-flu-52789031","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}