Protests Erupt in Charlotte After Deadly Police Shooting

Police said the man fatally shot, identified as Keith Lamont Scott, had exited from a vehicle with a firearm and the officers believed he posed an imminent deadly threat.
4:23 | 09/21/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Protests Erupt in Charlotte After Deadly Police Shooting
Those protests that erupted in Charlotte, North Carolina overnight and take a look at this scary scene hundreds of people. People in the streets call that down a highway after an officer shot and killed a man police say he was armed but it's family says that is not true. And these protests of course come on top of that deadly shooting in Tulsa Oklahoma tensions are mounting this morning all across the country and ABC's Steve us and Sami. Is in Charlotte now for the had a violent and chaotic night Steve. Good morning to you Robin even now hours after the fighting you can still smell the smoke in the air. We're standing outside a store that a number of people broken and broken into and tried to steal things. Demonstrators began the night but lawmakers looters and common criminals and it. Through the night the streets of Charlotte were on fire frightened families watch the writing from the safety of their televisions at home. As large crowds of mostly young African American residents blocked highways set fires and tried to overturn this police car. Police used flash grenades to send the crowds away. At least a dozen officers were hurt. The night began peacefully hundreds of people came to protest the police shooting death of 43 year old Keith LaMont Scott. He wasn't the person they were looking for but police say they were forced to shoot when he pulled out a gun. Police say they recovered a gun at the C in this sub. It. Gets out what weapons. They are engaging. And one of the officers dealt a lethal threat the department fired his weapon because it. But his family says he was unarmed and holding a book he was reading in the car on FaceBook his daughter posted a live stream that appears to come from the C. The finally this not not any ball not will be inland. But in this case police confirmed that both the victim. And the police officer are African American it's a much different story and Tulsa but no less controversial. In the police shooting here officer bedie Shelby says Terrance cloture would not listen to any of her command to an officer says he felt the man was on drugs. She screamed and added stop stop stop he walks up to the window faces the SUV. And then look senator and in his left hand goes into the the car window and that's when she fighter shot. Yeah but attorneys for Kutcher Stanley tell a different story. Say the video shows there's no way he could have reached into that window. When that was so how could he be reached at Ed that a car. If the went live and there live on the glass. Police tell ABC news that investigators found what they believe is PCP and collectors car but tests are not complete. Crutches attorneys say this is another case of police demonizing the victim and justifying the shooting of an unarmed man. Authorities are promising a thorough investigation into the shooting the black police chief here and the mayor. Are asking for call Robin all right Steve thank you better bring in ABC's senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas but more on this and Pierre this seems like an especially. Dangerous moment in time have you ever seen tensions this high. Grew morning Robin it is a riding a Charlotte comes of that tender box moment we have dramatic killings of African American man caught on tape. Remember that case in Minnesota with the woman describing scoreboard for it being shot to death one FaceBook lives. Also the bad ruse police killing of a black. And just days before the Charlotte suit that chilling video of the man in Tulsa sought after holding his hands in the air unarmed. Although no one has condoned violence these videos have left many an African American community concern fearful and quite frankly angry. NFL quarterback Cullen happening in the debates he spark shows that this is now part of the national dialogue. It also comes at a time when violent crime is rising in some communities. And when the number of police killed in shootouts is up dramatically so many offices of concern for their own safety and believe that the black lives in matters issue is overblown rob. And up here if the police did have body camps in and Charlotte's how this affected the investigation. It makes it much more complicated you need the body clams because the days are over when many in the African American community we'll simply accepting. Position of police. And that's why I expect to see the Justice Department to come here. Invested in investigate because they are now the referee in these case since they are all right here thanks very much so much will depend on when the man in connection determine whether. The victims.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Police said the man fatally shot, identified as Keith Lamont Scott, had exited from a vehicle with a firearm and the officers believed he posed an imminent deadly threat.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42242086","title":"Protests Erupt in Charlotte After Deadly Police Shooting","url":"/GMA/video/protests-erupt-charlotte-deadly-police-shooting-42242086"}