Rare Brittle Bone Disorder Mistaken for Child Abuse

Texas father was arrested on child abuse charges after doctors found multiple fractures in baby.
3:00 | 11/29/13

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Transcript for Rare Brittle Bone Disorder Mistaken for Child Abuse
This morning, advice from the man himself, emeril lagasse. We start with the mystery that threatened to tear a family apart. Reena ninan has the story of a rare genetic condition that led to charges of child abuse. Reporter:19-month-old kenly, with her bright eyes and beautiful smile, is the center of her parents' world. But for over a year, that world was torn apart when andrew huber was arrested for allegedly abusing his daughter. It was changing her diaper, like any other day. And I heard her hip pop. Reporter: The dallas dad rushed kenly, then 3 1/2 months old, to the hospital. They came back to say she had multiple fractures and had to do x-rays. They found nine fractures throughout her body. Reporter: But what andrew didn't know, the police had been called. And they suspected him of causing kenly's injuries. I went into my police interview just bawling. And they told me halfway through the interview, that kenly's injuries were through the stages of healing. Reporter: The 31-year-old father was arrested in august of 2012, charged with second-degree injury to a child and ordered to stay away from his daughter. But his wife, bria, suspected that an underlying medical issue was to blame. We never lost hope that there was an answer to this. I never had hurt my daughter in any way. Reporter: Bria took her to ten specialists in different cities, before she was diagnosed with e.D.S., A rare inherited tissue disorder. Doctors mistake this as c abuse because they're unaware. It's an underdiagnosed disease. Reporter: Just last month, over a year since their ordeal began, the charges against andrew were dropped. And the huber family was reunited. Their goal, now, to raise awareness. If we can get awareness out, particularly to get doctors educated on it, have a diagnosis. If there's one less family that has to go through this because we did, it was worth it. Reporter: And according to the foundation, there are 1.5 million people worldwide who suffer from this disorder. Good thing we're bringing it to the forefront. That poor father thought she was doing the right thing. Can you imagine? I can't. Thanks, reena. Now, to the american woman

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{"id":21047672,"title":"Rare Brittle Bone Disorder Mistaken for Child Abuse","duration":"3:00","description":"Texas father was arrested on child abuse charges after doctors found multiple fractures in baby.","url":"/GMA/video/rare-brittle-bone-disorder-mistaken-child-abuse-21047672","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}