Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead at 46

Beloved and prolific actor Philip Seymour Hoffman dies of apparent drug overdose in New York City apartment.
3:00 | 02/02/14

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Transcript for Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead at 46
The -- is taking. Very -- convincing an extraordinarily. Talented Philip Seymour Hoffman's performance is the raw whole host of -- allowed the quirky actor to quietly dominate nearly every scene. Most audiences first took notice of the stocky actor playing the tendered confused -- man tried to cope with his crush on Mark Wahlberg -- Sigler in the award winning boogie nights it's. -- Hoffman quickly became a fixture -- the indie film world cultivating a following with performances in films like the Coen Brothers big about ST we've been frantically trying to -- you do his portrayal of green magazine journalist Lester Bangs provides -- -- key to the actor's success. Through philosophical musings that could have been a reflection of Hoffman himself as we are on cool. No more women are always a problem for guys like us. Most of the great -- in the world is about that very problem. And good looking people we -- looks fine. -- last. Despite those less than leading man looks Hoffman had no problem scoring big roles in 2005 he landed the part of Truman Capote and Bennett Miller's biographical film. Artfully mimicking Capote body language and signature lists. It's honey you've. Ultimately it was his interpretation of the characters' psychological and emotional self that earned him an Academy Award other critically acclaimed performances followed as a charismatic leader of a budding religious movement in the master and priest with questionable motives -- doubt -- board -- problem. -- and this -- -- -- CIA agent in Charlie Wilson's war Hoffman who had struggled with substance abuse early in his career had spent decades clean. Last year though he checked himself into a detox facility for drug abuse including heroin a father of 3 Hofmann died Sunday morning at his home in Greenwich Village of an apparent overdose. -- -- screening stage was just 46. David -- Steen ABC news New York.

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{"id":22337756,"title":"Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead at 46","duration":"3:00","description":"Beloved and prolific actor Philip Seymour Hoffman dies of apparent drug overdose in New York City apartment.","url":"/GMA/video/remembering-philip-seymour-hoffman-22337756","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}