8 Reported Tornadoes Tear Through Colorado, Kansas

Over 30 homes were destroyed by tornadoes as flash flooding and hail also wreaked havoc.
2:45 | 06/05/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 8 Reported Tornadoes Tear Through Colorado, Kansas
We begin with the extreme weather. Tornadoes across Colorado and Kansas overnight. Eight reported on the ground. Flash floods and hail cause something much trouble. Neal Karlinsky in Colorado this morning. Reporter: They're keeping us back because the scene is active. There are powerlines down in the area. Look at the house. The roof has been ripped off. There's an SUV over there that's been toppled upside down. This is one of roughly 30 homes damaged overnight. Tornado on the ground! Tripping across Colorado. It's viability. Oh, wow. Reporter: And watch this extraordinary footage captured inside this Colorado funnel cloud. The winds whipping. Seconds later, actually picking up this 4500-pound Ford ranger truck with debris flying. The driver who was filming this is okay. His truck, severely damaged. And near Denver, you can see the aftermath. Dozens of homes and farms destroyed. This house completely gutted. This SUV picked up and dropped on its roof. And it wasn't just tornadoes. Torrential rain and hail. Hammering drivers including us. Oh, wow. It sounds like it's denting it. People are pulling over. And then there were these blinding bolts. Overnight in Kansas, drivers unable to see the roads forced to pull over but still getting battered by winds and rain. And in Missouri, water has taken over many of the road ways, making travel dangerous. This big truck, swept away. I can tell you the lightning, the hail, the rain seemed to go on and on overnight. Remarkably, no reports of serious injuries at this point. More bad weather is expected later today, just what they don't need. Amy? All right, Neal Karlinsky with the latest. More severe weather in the forecast. Tornadoes and flash flooding possible. Rob Marciano checking it out. Not only from these storms but from last week's storms rolling down the red river. Now an alert in Garland city. A levee there is leaking. The they're very, very worried. This is in Loveland. 25 homes damaged there. This will be day four where we expect to see the same areas getting hit. Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming. The same areas getting hit likely for the fourth day. More on this throughout the broadcast. Back to you.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"Over 30 homes were destroyed by tornadoes as flash flooding and hail also wreaked havoc.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31547661","title":"8 Reported Tornadoes Tear Through Colorado, Kansas","url":"/GMA/video/reported-tornadoes-tear-colorado-kansas-31547661"}