'Revenge' Star on Character's 'Queen of Mean' Reputation

Madeleine Stowe chats about the upcoming episode of ABC's hit series.
3:09 | 02/08/13

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Transcript for 'Revenge' Star on Character's 'Queen of Mean' Reputation
The queen of mean is back. You sort of redefined the baddy on late-night tv. Where do you find it with victoria? I want victoria to be something that the audience understands. I feel like she has a personality that's all to her. I've done a lot of reading. This is a woman with deep fears of abandonment. I also have -- I mean, I try to be kind in this world. But there's a real dark streak in me that I have to keep at bay. If I'm looking at you right now, I'm wondering what's going on beneath the surface all the time. And I think that's who victoria is. She's that kind of woman. But she has very bad impulses. It keeps her multidimensional, as well, in that way. I hope. Yeah. I think the episode that's going to come up this saturday, she has a very cunning plan that -- and does a really kind of criminal act. I want to get to a clip. This upcoming episode, victoria confronting her husband. Okay. All right. I overheard a phone conversation between daniel and helen crowley. And I think -- it's begun? Yes. And if he follows her orders -- he'll be culpable on whatever catastrophe they're about to unleash. And my son no longer listens to me or trusts a word I have to say. But faced with hard evidence, perhaps he can be convinced. Do you have the documents or not? I'm terrified. I do feel like I'm sitting across from victoria. What's coming up for miss grayson? Well, according to mike kelley, who told the press she's going to be reset as the villainess for the piece. That was the start of the first season. Now, the audience wants to see her be very bad. We need a baddy. We talked about this last time. Unbound captives. Your directorial debut upcoming. Tell us about that. It's a film, hugh jackman and rachel weisz are attached. It's a period western but very romantic. I never felt that women have played much into the western genre. And it's lush and beautiful and tragic. It's just a big movie with a great team of people from -- wonderful. Lush, beautiful and tragic, could be describing the nation of haiti, a nation close to you. You've been there since 2008. How is the work going? I work -- I'm on the board of directors for peace in justice. We built the entirely free secondary school in the nation. Most kids drop out by sixth grade. And we support the efforts of the st. Luke's organization and a man who is a doctor and a catholic priest who is a very wonderful, very tough, tough priest. He goes into the most difficult AREAS OF PORT-au-PRINCE. Build homes. We provide extraordinary medical care. And he's creating infrastructure in the country that has very little. We appreciate it.

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{"id":18440009,"title":"'Revenge' Star on Character's 'Queen of Mean' Reputation","duration":"3:09","description":"Madeleine Stowe chats about the upcoming episode of ABC's hit series.","url":"/GMA/video/revenge-star-madeleine-stowe-characters-queen-reputation-18440009","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}