Rhode Island Beach Explosion Raises Safety Concerns

Officials continue to search for the cause of the mysterious blast that knocked one woman out of the water and onto the rocks at Salty Brine beach in Narragansett.
2:35 | 07/13/15

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Transcript for Rhode Island Beach Explosion Raises Safety Concerns
We start this half hour with the mysterious explosion on a Rhode Island beach. The blast so forceful it knocked one woman on to the Rox, sending her to the hospital. This morning, the beach is back open. We're hearing from that woman. ABC's Linzie Janis is in Rhode Island. Good morning, Linzie. Reporter: Good morning, robin. That woman was sitting in her peach chair with her toes in the water when suddenly, the ground beneath her exploded, throwing her up into the air and sending dozens of others scrambling to safety. This morning, the beach goer thrown into the air by a mysterious explosion speaking out. Says she has no memory of the incident. It was a beautiful day. The beach was bid zi. A lot of people there. The last thing I remember is Reading my book. Reporter: Invisit gators trying to figure out what caused the explosion. Speem started screaming and running. Reporter: The blast occurring along this jetty Saturday. Launching 60-year-old Kathleen danise into the air and slamming her down on to the rocks. Have she was like a human cannon. Four feet up, ten feet out, smacked on her torso. Reporter: Paramedics carrying her away on a stretcher, with two broken ribs and a concussion. Authorities E evacuating the beach. Calling in the bomb squad. We know that it wasn't man-made. Reporter: Officials mystified. There is something that happened there. Reporter: Some beach Goers said they smelled gas after the explosion. The gas company says there's though line under the beach. The U.S. Guy joj call survey saying there was no seismic activity in the area. You're not going to see an explosion like this from a gee logic source without a seismic record. We went back this morning. There was no caution tape up and having kids climb the rock Wallace. Reporter: This morning, it's open to the public. But danise says she's not going back any time soon. That was my favorite location. Until we know what actually happened, no. No. Reporter: The blast let a hole in the sand. Within 24 hours, authorities filled it in and reopened the beach, everyone though they have no idea what caused the explosion. Right now, they won't say if they have a theory. Hmm. So strange. Very. Thank you, Linzie. Gotta get some answers though. You would think.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"Officials continue to search for the cause of the mysterious blast that knocked one woman out of the water and onto the rocks at Salty Brine beach in Narragansett.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32410452","title":"Rhode Island Beach Explosion Raises Safety Concerns","url":"/GMA/video/rhode-island-beach-explosion-raises-safety-concerns-32410452"}