Ricky Gervais Talks Netflix Movie and a Rescue Dog

The comedian joined "GMA" to discuss his Netflix original film, "David Brent: Life on the Road," and also advocated for a home for Bear, a rescue dog.
8:03 | 01/27/17

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Transcript for Ricky Gervais Talks Netflix Movie and a Rescue Dog
very hard so he's got "World news tonight" and that press conference at 1:00 so he had to leave a little early but guess who is going to be in this chair for this fantastic audience that we have here, golden globe and Emmy award winning funnyman Ricky Gervais. Please, please. I'm going to jump up here with my little legs. Hey, man. How is it going? Good to see you, Ricky. Ah. How do you feel? That was a trauma getting on this stool. We can't wait to talk about your movie but, Michael, you're bringing something you can relate to because of the role you play. Oh, yeah, we know you're always pu always punctual. Here for two hours. How many people have ever been late to work? Most are late now because you're here. Well, you're not alone, okay, because according to a new survey done by career biller one in four people are late to work at least once a month. Once a month? Maybe once a week at one point but what their reason why, that is what's interesting. We listed some of the most outrageous excuses for being late to work. And an incredible example was I was cornered by a moose. I tried that. It didn't work? I assume this was Canada and not London or -- ? Exactly. How about this one, my mother-in-law wouldn't stop talking? I don't know how that makes sense. I like that one. I like that it works. Yeah, yeah, sure, okay. Yeah. Check. Of course, you play in the uk version of "The office," play the boss. What's the weirdest excuse. You say the uk verse. I call it the original. Oh. Yes. Well done. Well done. Well done. Wow. Steve carell came out with it is what most people think. You were the original. And Steve did an amazing job and I think the American version is fantastic. There's seven remakes around the world but the American one was the biggest. You got it started. Yeah, yeah, a long time ago and now I brought him back, David Brent which is the engli English -- You have the movie. I was here to talk about that but I've just discovered there's a dog need adopting so I want to use my segment to get him adopted. Sure, sure. Bring on bear. I knew you would love him. Bear. Come here, bear. Ah. Come here, bear. One thing about him you're a big animal advocate. I'm not leaving until we get a phone call this guy adopted. He was chained up for 15 years. That's why I had to talk about him today. His story was so remarkable. If you haven't seen his Instagram you have a cat named Ollie. Ollie. Bear is scared of cats so -- he is so loving. He's had no life and give him two years bucket list. Give him love. That's right. He's not leaving here until bear gets a home. He'll be alone but -- It's Friday, after all. Ricky, what is it about you and animals? What can it about you and animals? I've always loved animals. Never understood animal cutety. Every animal is unconditionally beautiful. They have a right to be here as much as us, more than us. I don't understand why any cruelty happens. Let alone -- this thing is man's best friend. They love us. No matter what. Innocen innocent. Abused for 15 years and he's forgiven us. Give him a home. He's still smiling. All he wants is a forever home. The executive producer saying please, America, let us know on Twitter if you're interested in adopting bear. We'd love to let Ricky go home sometime today. Send us a note on Twitter if you're interested in adopting. 15, so sweet. Only problem is he doesn't like cats. So -- Is it okay if we show a clip from the movie. Yeah, sure, of course. Here it is. Here we go. Oh. What's up? Oh. See you later. Oh. There's not room on there. We think better behind. Good idea in a way. What's up? You look like you're having fun. Yeah. So that's -- that's David Brent. He's a -- he sells lozenges, tampon dispensers cashing in his possessions and booking gigs and wants to be a rock star and wasn't even allowed on the bus. It's really sad. He's just -- he just wants to be famous and loved but he just doesn't quite got it. It's very funny but also a bit sad because it's very -- it's very sort of today. Everyone thinking they can just be famous. You sing in this movie but also you dance up a storm. And you dance in "The office." Is this how you dance? I'm just curious. Oh, yeah. Is that how you do it. No, I don't -- Hilarious. David Brent is the most awkward person around women. It's just -- it's just -- it's just -- it doesn't -- I actually was going to say can you show us a taste now? But I don't know if we can handle all that sexy dancing on the show. No, no. Too hot for morning TV. Not with my back. Not with my back. I look like a demented crab. I look back and I think how did I even do that? What was I thinking? It's just like a proper breakdown on camera. Perhaps what were you thinking here, it's flashback Friday and we have you performing, don't we, a little boy band. Yeah, baby. Ricky, this is your life. ??? You see, you see, people think I'm embarrassed by how I look. I'm not. I'm embarrassed by how I look now. Cheekbones, straight after that video I discovered pizza. You were in a legit band? That was the original Ricky Gervais. That was the original Ricky Gervais, yes. I'm doing the remake. We love them both. We love them both. Oh, I'm still alive. You are. You know what I mean? Yes. Anyway, that's on Netflix from the 10th of February but adopt bear. We'll let you know. Heard the man himself. He said adopt bear, everybody. Look. There's Ricky and bear. We've got the same nose. Ricky, I got to say you're an amazing guy, man. Oh, thank you. Thank you.

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{"duration":"8:03","description":"The comedian joined \"GMA\" to discuss his Netflix original film, \"David Brent: Life on the Road,\" and also advocated for a home for Bear, a rescue dog.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45079862","title":"Ricky Gervais Talks Netflix Movie and a Rescue Dog","url":"/GMA/video/ricky-gervais-talks-netflix-movie-rescue-dog-45079862"}