Robin Roberts Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary of Bone Marrow Transplant

The "GMA" anchor celebrates the anniversary of her transplant, encourages others to donate bone marrow.
8:15 | 09/20/13

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Transcript for Robin Roberts Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary of Bone Marrow Transplant
What a wonderful morning. A beautiful day. Remember? That's right. You got to join india.Arie, with the song you wrote. That was after my first battle with cancer. It was a beautiful day to have you back. And it's a beautiful day today. Day one today, everybody. I love that. Thank god d.J. Kiss is here to spin us into that day. All of robin's favorites because it is her first birthday. Day one. Exactly one year ago since you had that bone marrow transplant. Sally-ann got in there and stayed in there. Hallelujah. And away we go. A very fitting bash planned. We're going to kick it off. We can't kick it off without a little cake. A birthday cake. What do you say? We roll out -- do we have a cake? Bring in the cake. Oh. Oh. Michael. ♪ Happy birthday, dear robin ♪ thank you. Thank you. Oh, wow. Michael. A ton of other people you know here, too. I'm a big girl now. This is great. I thank you. This is so sweet for you to take time. You're a little busy. You have a day job, too. I have to go to work. But I'm not leaving without a piece of cake. I know it's early in the morning. But it's a birthday. That is beautiful. I think it's going to be my favorite. Could it be? Oh. You're a big boy. Let me get you some. I'll get you a piece. We know you have to get on your way. A nice slice of red velvet cake for michael strahan. Oh. Thank you, michael. See you in 30 minutes. This is a wonderful -- a wonderful, wonderful -- barbara, jane, ben, you came in on the red-eye. Derek, tom, just everyone here, surrounding us, you loved me through it. This is nancy, the one that tried to sell my car. I just want to thank everybody. Thank you for this wonderful moment. We feel blessed to be a part of today. And you're celebrating it in a way you do by giving back. That's one of the things you want to celebrate today. All year long, we've been talking about be the match. And encouraging people to join the bone marrow registry. And 65,000 people have signed up. More is coming right now. Robin is launching a brand-new psa. Take a look. It's my one year birthday. One year since I received the best gift I will ever get. A life-saving marrow transplant from my big sister, sally-ann. And now, my first and only wish is simple. That you support the be the match marrow registry. If more people are on the registry, there will be more people who can find a marrow match. You have the power to save a life. And make somebody else's wish come true. Sam and josh, they got your first birthday cake. We have a couple more surprises for you. Joining us on the phone, your donor, your sister, sally-ann. Such a huge part of this celebration. She's the reason for this celebration. Sister sally. Sally-ann, good morning to you. Can you hear me? Sally-ann, are you there? I am here. And I just want to let you know, robin, how much I love you. How much our family loves you. And I'm so very happy that on this day, you are one year old. you said it, sally-ann. And we see robin improving every, single day. I know a lot of people want to know, how are you, sally-ann? Lara, I am doing well. Everyone needs to know that to be a donor, it is -- it's like a walk in the park. It is so easy. I had no side effects, no problems whatsoever. And I just want to use this opportunity to tell people out there that there are so many who are waiting for a bone marrow match. And if you can, please join, be the match. And get on the registry. Save a life, do what you can to make this world better. And I want to thank abc for being there for my sister, robin. You have been her extended family. I want to thank everyone across the nation who prayed for my sister, who loved my sister and who supported my sister. And I want to -- everything that you've done for robin. I said I wasn't going to cry. I said I wasn't going to cry. In case you're wondering, this is sally-ann at home, doing all that. This is it. One of the greatest things you see all year long, is all the people that have been helped by following this path. We have donories, george. We've seen where people have joined the registry. And we've seen them go and -- sister sally, I'm here sister. And people who are total strangers. And people have to realize, they think because I have a beautiful family and so blessed and we're closer than ever now, all of us, all four children of lawrence and lucimarian roberts, only 30% of a chance that it will be a sibling. So, that means the vast majority of time, you need strangers. You need people who are willing to step up. And sally-ann, the reason she's not here, she's a motivational speaker, in case you didn't guess. She had a commitment today in new orleans. And I just -- I thank you, sister, sally. I thank you for everything. Thank you for the gift of life. I want to thank god for what he has done in your life, robin. He has literally flipped the script. And my prayer for you, on this, your first birthday, is psalm, that in all you do, you shall prosper. Amen. Sally-ann, I will see you and dorothy and butch and all of the kids. I love you, sally-ann. Thank you. Have a wonderful, wonderful day. Celebration. Thank you. How about a celebration song. If there's something that you can do at home while you're feeling wonderful like us right now, is get online, get that bethematch kit and send it in. We're a human family. The match might not come from your brother or your sister or an immediate relative. It might come from someone in another country. It might come from someone that you never even imagined. Make sure that you get -- whoever you are, you're a match for somebody. We all did it. It's easy. It doesn't hurt. It takes two seconds. You've got to do it. And everybody have cake for breakfast.

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{"id":20316870,"title":"Robin Roberts Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary of Bone Marrow Transplant","duration":"8:15","description":"The \"GMA\" anchor celebrates the anniversary of her transplant, encourages others to donate bone marrow.","url":"/GMA/video/robin-roberts-asks-match-20316870","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}