Manhunt for Murder Suspect Mistakenly Released

Rodriquez Purnell, 30, remains on the loose after he was accidentally allowed to walk free.
1:35 | 10/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Manhunt for Murder Suspect Mistakenly Released
This morning a murder suspect Rodriguez Purnell on the Lam after he was accidentally allowed to walk free from this Baltimore detention center. Nearly a week ago. Have an evening he's very day using these to be off Christians today. Purnell has been in and out of jail for drugs and robbery over the years. But this time he was then on the most serious charge yet first degree murder. Accused of shooting 27 year old it TJ real bottom to death in broad daylight last year ABC news speaking with brew bottoms mother over. Tonight nobody still has the right to shoot anybody down in the street my bed to sleep. Purnell was in custody waiting to be retried for rue bottoms murder after his first trial ended in a hung jury. But on Friday corrections officers let himself after confusing his current case with old charges. Authorities didn't even realize the mistake until two days later when the victim's family says it they called the jail. After Purnell was spotted hanging out in the neighborhood he has not been seen since. Didn't do not then how come fall it that the justice system do its job. This morning and a Maryland corrections department telling us it is investigating. A lapse in a release procedures. Meanwhile Jackie Davis worries for the safety of her family. And for the witnesses in the murder case just weeks away from testifying against her now seems should never have happened.

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{"duration":"1:35","description":"Rodriquez Purnell, 30, remains on the loose after he was accidentally allowed to walk free.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26404099","title":"Manhunt for Murder Suspect Mistakenly Released","url":"/GMA/video/rodriquez-purnell-manhunt-murder-suspect-mistakenly-released-26404099"}