Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump for President

The former Alaska governor threw her support behind Trump at an event in Iowa.
4:04 | 01/20/16

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Transcript for Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump for President
white house right now and big night for Donald Trump. Picking up Sarah Palin's endorsement. There's the former Alaska governor feisty as ever with the billionaire last night in Iowa taking on the gop and media. Heads are spinning. This is going to be so much fun. Are you ready to make America great again? ABC's Tom llamas is there on the campaign trail in Norwalk, Iowa. Good morning, Tom. Reporter: George, good morning. Trump and Palin have another event this morning just behind me here in Norwalk, Iowa, and so many supporters I spoke to last night say this made perfect sense, both Palin and trump are so much alike both tough and conservative, but overnight, ABC news learning that talk show host Glenn beck was very popular with republicans will appear with Ted Cruz in Iowa over the weekend, both candidates unleashing some serious conservative star power. We're going to give them hell. Reporter: In Iowa, Donald Trump showing if you mess with him now, get ready to take on the gop's momma grizzly. Doggone right we're angry. Reporter: Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and one time republican vp nominee says she chose trump because the others lack gut. They didn't want to with talk about these issues until he brought them up, in fact, they've been wearing this political correctness kind of like a suicide vest. Reporter: Trump unleashing Palin after senator Ted Cruz said trump has, quote, New York values, questioning his conservatism. Funny but now what they're doing is wailing, well, trump and his trumpetersome, they're not conservative enough. Oh, my goodness gracious, what the heck would the establishment know about conservatism? Reporter: Back in February Palin got some laughs on "Snl" by joking she might run for president in 2016 with trump on her ticket. How much do you think lorne Michaels would pay me if I were to run in 2016. I don't think there's a number too big. What if I were to choose Donald Trump as my running mate. Sarah, you're teasing us. That's not nice. Reporter: It's a blow to Cruz who used Palin's help to win a seat in the senate. Regardless of what Sarah decides to do in 2016 I will always remain a big, big fan of Sarah Palin. Reporter: And so are many conservatives who love her plain, tough talk. No more pussy-footing around. Are you ready for a commander in chief? You ready for a commander in chief who will let our warriors do their job and go kick Isis' . Reporter: But it's bringing controversy. Palin's 26-year-old son track arrested Monday night in a domestic violence incident with his girlfriend. The police report stating he also threatened to kill himself with an ar-15 assault weapon. Now, Sarah Palin did not comment about this incident but the "Washington times" reports they did speak with Palin's family attorney who says they appreciate the respect for the family's privacy as track receives the help that he and many of our returning vets needs so much. George. And Tom, switching gears, a real tragedy on the campaign trail yesterday. Reporter: So sad. A volunteer for Dr. Ben Carson has dieds. Three others injured in a car accident here in Iowa. The van they were traveling in hit a patch of ice and crashed. Dr. Carson speaking out last night. Life is so fleeting and we have to make the most of every bit of it that we can, but if every one of us could just think about how we can make somebody else's life better, what a fitting tribute that would be to Braden. Reporter: Now, the Carson campaign immediately suspending campaign activities to deal with this tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers with the Carson campaign this morning. Boy, they sure are. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"The former Alaska governor threw her support behind Trump at an event in Iowa.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36393540","title":"Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump for President","url":"/GMA/video/sarah-palin-endorses-donald-trump-president-36393540"}