Scope of Harvey devastation seen as floodwaters recede

Officials estimate as many as 40,000 homes in one county alone are destroyed as the death toll continues to rise and another 10,000 National Guard troops are deployed.
2:48 | 08/31/17

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Transcript for Scope of Harvey devastation seen as floodwaters recede
Already 30,000 people have taken to Houston shelters. 10,000 National Guard troops will be deployed from across the country joining the 14,000 already there. ABC's chief national correspondent Tom llamas on the scene, been there since Sunday. Good morning, Tom. Reporter: George, good morning to you. The water behind me is starting to recede here in Houston but there is still so much rainfall that hit this area that it's tough to tell. So many reminders still surround us. Let's take a look from above. This is a park in downtown Houston. This area right in front of me this used to be a field where people had live outdoor concerts, people played football. All you can see now is water and the tops of trees. Another reminder of Harvey's wrath. The rain has stopped but the misery far from over. Harvey's impact on Houston relentless. More than 13,000 people rescued so far. Officials going door-to-door marking bright Orange Cs on homes that are clear. Officials estimating up to 40,000 homes in one county alone are destroyed. About 100,000 is certainly not out of the question. Reporter: With the death toll expected to rise we're learning what happened to some of those lost in the floodwaters. On Wednesday a grim discovery. This white van confirming the deaths of six members of a Houston family including four children who were trapped inside when the vehicle went under into the rushing waters. Earlier this week I spoke with Rick Saldivar whose brother was the only one to survive. What have the last couple of days been like? A nightmare. Just a nightmare. Reporter: So many still missing. Families here at the convention center separated from their loved ones gather at the missing persons table hoping to get answers. It has been challenging but also rewarding and we've been able to reunite some families and that makes it all worthwhile. Reporter: 2 of 7 rescue volunteers are missing after the group was forced to abandon their boat when it crashed into an electrical pole. The group last seen together on this Facebook live video. For others some relief. We spoke to fay Mcdaniel on Wednesday. She told us her family had no idea that she was rescued and that she's been ushered from shelter to shelter. What was the message you want to give them if they're watching it. I'm okay. I'm just ready to go home. Reporter: Just hours later after we tweeted out her photo other media outlets reported her story, her daughter rushed to the shelter and reunited with her mother. Happy those two are back together. Now, in many ways Houston has turned a corner. There is traffic on the highways, restaurants and gas stations are open. But also there are so many neighborhoods wiped off the map here and so many people in shelters who are reminded of Harvey every single minute of the day. We're thinking about them. We have a busy morning.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Officials estimate as many as 40,000 homes in one county alone are destroyed as the death toll continues to rise and another 10,000 National Guard troops are deployed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49533883","title":"Scope of Harvey devastation seen as floodwaters recede","url":"/GMA/video/scope-harvey-devastation-floodwaters-recede-49533883"}