How to Score the Best Deals on Gift Cards

Experts provide tips on getting the most for your money when giving gift cards.
2:40 | 12/24/15

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Transcript for How to Score the Best Deals on Gift Cards
Back now with some help, for all of the shopping procrastinators gift cards are the most popular gift this time of year and Mara schiavocampo is at Walgreens to tell us how to get the best deals on them. Good morning, Mara. Reporter: Lara, good morning. Holiday shoppers are expected to spend $26 billion on gift cards this year and what's not to love, right, they're easy to buy, easy to use, but it turns out there are some ways to make them even more lovable and get the pose bang for your buck. Gift cards have become as much of a Christmas tradition as eggnog and lit up Deng rations, those little plastic presents the number one most requested holiday gift for nine years running. If you don't know what to get somebody who has everything. If you feel awkward about giving them money or buying a present you know they'll return. Reporter: With millions of Americans still not done with their holiday shopping, a quick trip to that rack of cards seems like the perfect solution. But how can you make sure you don't wrap up a bad deal? There's been a lot of confusion about whether cards lose their value over time and it's important that consumers read the kind of fine print. Reporter: Our experts say rule number one is watch out for fees. Some cards that have a reloading fee. There could be an inactivity fee. Reporter: Rule number two, look for discounts. Restaurants like outback and chili's offering bonus $10 gift cards when you buy a $50 card. Reporter: Some retailers will do if you buy one gift card you can get a percentage off another one. Reporter: Or cash in on discounts when you buy the online only e-gift cards. will give you up to 20% off cards for shoes, movie tickets or even an oil change. But to really save, go to rule number three, get the card for free. At target, iPhones, apple watches and iPads come with a free gift card worth up to $200. Best Buy throwing in $20 for fitness trackers and $25 for coffeemakers. Starbucks expects to shatter records for its cards selling 1700 cards every minute to pro-krcrastinators because gifters know it's sure to get used. Now, one thing to watch out for, these cards are very alluring to scammers too so when you're buying one make sure you check for any signs of tampering especially along the back and, Lara, since it's never too late I was going to pick up some for you so maybe we could go to the movies togethers. I would love to. Thanks for the great tips. Now coming up on "Good

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Experts provide tips on getting the most for your money when giving gift cards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35939833","title":"How to Score the Best Deals on Gift Cards","url":"/GMA/video/score-best-deals-gift-cards-35939833"}