'The Original Soup Man' Stops By 'GMA Live'

The man who inspired Jerry Seinfeld's "Soup Nazi" has a new food truck.
3:59 | 06/27/13

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Transcript for 'The Original Soup Man' Stops By 'GMA Live'
Until then I'll definitely remember this guy known. We didn't you -- are you reading that card fanatically gas. He heard customers along through the line. Saying something like no soup for you so I don't know how explosive rate yeah. I didn't watch the show but they've moved. The -- -- -- -- we will see in the show craze by the way here they are joining us is life -- Baghdad. The original -- Nice to see if I think you've -- -- nice to see everybody. Good morning again I don't look a little nervous that little wellness and if we have to -- we still at the -- best what editorializing this child why you are you gonna have you tried the most incredible locked the -- -- best yet how it all those years ago and if you -- -- show business this was Jerry's favorite is that -- -- it -- a lobster. We're going to be what's nice -- that everyone's on the show you bag. And if they. And that's the same kind of locked that would put it out lobster roll and that's what it's all about is that delicious delicious lobster occasionally -- -- our Brothers and students in the box but. We talk about the truck college about destruct is this is not note when I think about it she travels it's because you really. There's not a lot of on site preparation you don't want pattern that is absolutely correct it's a great opportunity that would make -- available for the first time it's a gourmet food truck. That branded. As a national brand that people can get into for a small investment. Get out and -- -- what it yourself really that -- absolutely right so again here in New York City where we -- other within the -- -- the establishment where do you guys were already changed locations like how does that absolutely you've been changed locations of the first one which is being rolled out with you right now. So you have to understand this man and -- there -- -- -- -- patio where you're going to be. With -- truck to. Seriously I mean it is another question because I'll get in there right now and I don't -- -- -- -- had a lot. America there are. Just and people wonder. Because you do all around cheap -- social media social media must says. Seems to have value -- -- make sense that it would it would have received revolutionize. The food drug and this could be culture. Phenomenon that we that would that's been created and these food trucks are -- great areas and cities throughout the country. Giving lots of people lots of opportunity price of great food -- the club on home ice tonight you'll never noticed and that's what I mean I -- -- -- you know about the and various senators. OK and that's what's amazing because we've found a way through technology a -- argued you're going to be able to have that in we have acknowledged supermarkets throughout the country symbolize -- behind. Thank you yes you -- It's about the anywhere -- rather I think really great idea I guess that's. Quote. Sammy you -- articles -- -- has gone to London on -- Would you like to -- you feel like you feel that Sanders is it is serving me well thank you and that -- that honestly how you feel as a 100% what I believe we all believers who then. -- we're conditioned not to expect right out of the supermarket in Kandahar I am not threaten that's correct. Absolutely correct and that's that's who haven't -- This lot -- -- you can have your bond you can dumping it's like a lobster roll and pop. It is that good I'm telling you rather -- congratulations this is terrific and again as he mentioned. One of these can be yours yes if the price is right. It's very reason so to speak the very reasonable to reveals that red dot com you'll find it very reasonable original Superman dot -- job you are the un original soup man Sam Champion Metallica I have once -- air conditioned who wanted to -- -- -- -- -- -- And and a great lobster vest it is delicious we -- thank you guys and take scenario could not give regular volume -- that you never needed it. We want to thank everybody for joining us today and again we will be right back out on 9 AM eastern daylight. That's the show and enjoy your day -- --

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{"id":19507161,"title":"'The Original Soup Man' Stops By 'GMA Live'","duration":"3:59","description":"The man who inspired Jerry Seinfeld's \"Soup Nazi\" has a new food truck.","url":"/GMA/video/seinfeld-soup-nazi-inspiration-original-soup-man-brings-19507161","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}