Severe Northeast Storms Turn Fatal

Heavy rain and flooding took the lives of a mother and daughter in New York, child in Maryland.
3:00 | 07/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Severe Northeast Storms Turn Fatal
first we'll turn to those deadly storms sweeping across the northeast. ABC's gio Benitez is in smithfield, New York, with the latest. Good morning, Ben aaro sh, gio. Reporter: Just take a look behind me. These damaging winds just leveling so many of these homes here. The national weather service we're told on the way right now to investigate to find out exactly what happened in this area. But in the meantime, just feet away. Homeowners are searching through that rubble picking up the pieces. It was insane. Looked out the window and saw blankets of rain. Reporter: Overnight severe storms turning fatal. Four dead including a mother and daughter after several homes collapsed in smithfield, new York. Another person was injured and taken to the hospital. Devastating destruction throughout the region. One home reportedly ripped from its foundation. Still a little shaky from it. It was numbing. Very numbing. Reporter: Crews and serve dogs searching through the rubble this morning scouring the debris for more victims or anyone that might be trapped. It's just absolutely crazy. I haven't seen anything like this. Reporter: Another tragic loss at riverview ranch. Children were injured and we have learned that one was a fatality. Reporter: Eight children hurt and another died when a tree limb fell and struck the group as they were running for shelter during a sudden and fast-moving storm. Winds reaching over 60 miles per hour. Something like this has never happened in our history. It was a freak storm that came up. Reporter: And that summer camp this morning now asking everyone to pay for those children and their families. Meanwhile, back here in upstate New York we're told some 58,000 homes are still without power. George. A lot to come out. Over to ginger. You have a lot more on the scope of these storms. That's the thing. The word freak storm doesn't fit because we give you the warning and the watches the day before. Look at all of these. These would represent the damaging wind, hail and tornado reports. Maybe you remember yesterday me showing the area from northeast Arkansas all the way up to Vermont. We were talking that area will see damaging wind, hail and isolated tornadoes and that's exactly what we saw most fitting in those blobs, the yellow, Orange, red. It means something this time of year. So watching for the precautions today would be the areas from southern Virginia through delmarva peninsula down through north and South Carolina and elevated risk from north Platte to dodge city, a new storm coming off the rockies. Very quickly, the Mississippi river, the flooding ongoing and rising as we speak in parts of Iowa, Missouri and Illinois. We will see some more rain in the next seven days but it's not going to be too terrible looking for 1 to 2 inches in that region, again, over the next week. Hopefully today everybody pays close attention. Keep those weather radios on. There are apps ha can tell you the warnings hours in advance. Came in this morning. You were upset because you knew there had been warnings and people need to understand that. Absolutely. And accidents do happen, understood but -- yeah. Thank you so much.

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{"id":24481426,"title":"Severe Northeast Storms Turn Fatal","duration":"3:00","description":"Heavy rain and flooding took the lives of a mother and daughter in New York, child in Maryland.","url":"/GMA/video/severe-weather-northeast-storms-turn-fatal-24481426","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}