Sharon Stone and Garret Hedlund open up about 'Mosaic'

The stars of the new interactive HBO show, first launched as an app, discuss the murder mystery live on "GMA."
4:02 | 01/18/18

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Transcript for Sharon Stone and Garret Hedlund open up about 'Mosaic'
Had to bring you back to talk more about this, rave reviews. Rave reviews from our audience right here as well. The most innovative series ever. That's how it's being billed. Yay! You must be excited about it. What was your reaction when you were approached by it? It's different. Well, we were kind of in the dark a little bit. I mean obviously when they said Steven soderbergh was doing a series technologically innovative, never been done before I wanted to be a part of it. But we weren't given a script until the week before and when we were, it was just our own character's thread so something unlike we've ever experienced. 500 pages on a need to know basis because you didn't know really who you were playing in that particular scenario. How do you approach that? Well, the writer, Ed Solomon who is just so amazing who you would know from "Men in black" and these great big hits and he's such a great guy. I loved Ed. He spent time with us individually so we started to have some sense that he was going to incorporate a little bit of us and get our rhythm into it. Right. So I felt safe and, of course, going to work with Steven is just a dream come true. So I think you just surrender to the trust and, of course, knowing you're going to work-related with people like Garrett. And Sharon. We've become the yin and yang. You like working with Sharon, though. All of us because we're so passionate about doing this project, everybody was so immersed within that their character and role and everybody came to set every day so prepared and because we did shoot about 500 pages in ten weeks, cumulative if so we only did maybe one or two takes. So you have to come super prepared. Yeah. So -- A lot of trust there. She played a character named Olivia lake. This is the first time I'm meeting Sharon stone. This is the first time I'm meeting Mr., you know, "Mudbound" and when he played Johnny cash, that was it for me. He had us at Johnny cash. Were you also surprised -- you've seen the end result. Were you surprised by what you saw? I was just so engaged. I mean, when you get this app on your phone, you just get "Mosaic" and throw it up, I was -- I watched it with several of my friends so we were all picking this narrative. You can select where you're going and the audience is like the decorative solving this murder mystery. And so I'm watching it with my friends Andary we like which way do you want to go and negotiating which thing to do. It was so fun and then two days went by. Right, exactly. But this was three years in the making. Yeah. All from start to finish. The time remaining, "Mudbound," exceptional. How was it working on that film? Thank you and wonderful. You know, it was quite brutal. The elements and everything in New Orleans when we shot, some of the subject matters quite tricky. I couldn't be more proud of the film, more proud of the actors I've worked with. More proud of the director. Dee Rees. And the wonderful crew she assembled and it was just -- I couldn't be more proud, it was wonderful. Well received and so has "Mosaic." Cannot wait to see that as well. I love how you all look at each other. I'm proud of you. I know. I'm proud of you. He's donod. Thank you for staying around and talking more about that. "Mosaic" premieres January 22nd on HBO.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"The stars of the new interactive HBO show, first launched as an app, discuss the murder mystery live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52424911","title":"Sharon Stone and Garret Hedlund open up about 'Mosaic' ","url":"/GMA/video/sharon-stone-garret-hedlund-open-mosaic-52424911"}